Chemical Yard

Combat Sites

chemical yard
Type: Combat
DED rating: Unrated
Security: Highsec
Regions: Essence, Everyshore, Placid, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Verge Vendor
Pirate type: Serpentis

Location 1

Sunder Alvi x7 (F)
Strain Hunter / Infester* / Silverfish Alvi x5 (F)(*Webs, scrams)
Drone Guard x2 (C)

Part 2

Sunder Alvi x1 (F)
Drone Harvester x5 (F)(Triggers wave 1)
Drone Digger x5 (F)
Bomber Alvum x2 (C)
Defeater Alvatis x1-3 (BC)

Wave 1

Strain Devilfish Alvi x2 (F)
Silverfish Alvi x2 (F)
Hunter Alvi x4 (F)
Dismantler Alvi x4 (D)
Sentient Shredder Alvior x1 (D)(Trigger for possible Escalation)(Drops drone components and may drop drone faction modules, rogue drone 4#-X Nexus Chip)

This cosmic signature might trigger an escalation to the expedition known as Hunting the Drudge Factory.

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