Angel Lookout

Combat Sites

angel lookout
Type: Combat
DED rating: Unrated
Security: Highsec
Regions: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath
Pirate type: Angel Cartel

Location 1

Gistii Ambusher / Hunter x2 (F)
Gistii Outlaw / Thug x4-5 (F)
Gistior Defacer / Shatterer x6 (D)
Angel Light Missile Battery x1 (S)

Veldspar x27 (1.7 mil units total)
Hemorphite x3 (5000 units each)
Jaspet x5 (5000 units each)

Part 2

Gistior Defacer / Defiler / Haunter x4 (D)

Group 2 (50 – 60 km)

Gistii Hunter / Impaler x2-5 (F)
Gistii Outlaw / Thug x3-4 (F)
Gistior Defacer / Shatterer x3-4 (D)

Group 3 (80 km)

Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x4-5 (F)(Target Painter)
Arch Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x2 (F)(Target Painter)(Trigger Commander Wave)

Commander Wave
Domination Ruffian x0-1 (F)(Target Painter)(Trigger for possible Escalation)(Wreck may contain Faction Ammo, Tags, and Modules and produces Tech 2 salvage)

Angel Control Center x1 (Alternate Trigger for possible Escalation)

This cosmic signature might trigger an escalation to the expedition known as Chasing the Dragon.

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