Pith’s Penal Complex

Combat Sites

piths penal complex
Type: Combat
DED rating: 8/10
Security: Nullsec
Known Regions: Tenal, Venal, Tribute, Deklein, Vale of the Silent
Pirate type: Guristas

Upon warp-in there are:

Prison Beacon Patrol x2-5 (D)
Prisoner Freighter x5-7 (D)
Phitior Anarchist / Renegade x2-5 (D)
Reserve Task Unit x5 (BC)
Prison Beacon Watch x3-4 (BC)
Pithatis Assaulter / Enforcer x1-2 (BC)
Assistent Warden x3 (Some may Jamming)
Prisoner Pickup Team 7 x7 (BS)
Dewak’s First Officer x2 (BS)
Guristas Heavy Missile Battery x4 (S)
Guristas Stasis Tower x1 (S)(Webs)

Dewak’s First Officer HQ x1 (contains Dewak’s Level 1 Decoder)

Part 2


Group 1 (<10km)

Beacon Watch x4 (BS)

Group 2 (54km)

Prisoner Freigther x1 (D)
Prisoner Pickup Team x1 (BS)
Reserve Task Unit x1 (BC)
Perimeter Watch Assistant x3 (D)
Perimter Watch x1 (BC)
Perimeter Watch Major x2 (BS)
Guristas Heavy Missile Battery x2 (S)

Group 3 (79km)

Phitior Anarchist / Renegade x2 (D)
Pithatis Assaulter / Enforcer x2 (BC)
Dewak’s Dot Warden x2 (BS)
Guristas Heavy Missile Battery x1 (S)

Group 4 (105km)

Prisoner Freighter x6 (D)
Prisoner Pickup Team x4 (BS)
Reserve Task Unit x5 (BC)
Guristas Heavy Missile Battery x1 (S)

Overseer Cask
Dewak’s Dot x1 (contains Dewak’s Level 2 Decoder)

Part 3


Group 1 (<10km)

Pithi Demolisher / Destructor x2 (F)
Pithatis Assassin / Assaulter x4 (BC)

Group 2 (~55km)

Pithior Anarchist / Guerilla / Renegade x6 (D)
Pithi Runner x6 (D)
Power Generator Crew x6-8 (D)
Storage Watch x2-4 (D)
Pithatis Assassin / Assaulter / Enforcer x12-14 (BC)
Pithum Patroller x4 (BC)
Pith Conquistador / Massacrer x6-7 (BS)
Pith Officer x4 (BS)
‘Screaming’ Dewak Humfry x1 (BS)(drops 21st Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects and may contain Pith B-Type Modules, Dread Guristas Battleship Modules, and Rattlesnake BPCs)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for kinetic damage and do kinetic damage against guristas pirates.

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