Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facility

Combat Sites

serpentis shipyard and research facility
Type: Combat
DED rating: Unrated
Security: All
Regions: All
Pirate type: Serpentis
Event: Shadow of the Serpent

Location 1

Serpentis Frigate x18 (F)(Some sensor damp)
Serpentis Cruiser x13 (C)(Some may web)
Serpentis Battlecruiser x6 (BC)

Research Vault x1 (Drops Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessor, may drop Asklepian Implants, site despawns once this item is looted)

UPDATE 7/7 – VAULT Now Spawns Double Loot, Loot it the first time, then wait for a couple mins for another spawn.


Blitz option available by attacking and destroying center group guarding the research vault.  Please note drones will trigger the 2 side packs to swarm in and attack.



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