Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost

Combat Sites Expedition

angel mineral acquisition outpost
Type: Combat
DED rating: 6/10
Security: Lowsec, Null
Known Regions: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Impass, Feythabolis, Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, Curse, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Insmother, Great Wildlands, Cach
Pirate type: Angel Cartel

Upon warp-in there are:

Gistii Hunter/Impaler x2 (F)
Arch Gistii Nomad / Ruffian x2 (F)(Target Painter)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x2 (C)(Trigger Wave 1)
Angel Stasis Tower x1 (S)(Webs)
Angel Cruise Missile Battery x4 (S)

Wave 1
Arch Gistii Thug x1 (F) (Webs / Scrams)
Arch Gistum Breaker / Defeater x2 (C)(Trigger Wave 2)
Gist Malakim / Throne x3 (BS)

Wave 2
Gist Malakim / Throne x4 (BS)

Part 2

Gistii Hunter / Impaler x2 (F)(Trigger Wave 1)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x1 (C)
Gistum Crusher / Smasher x4 (C) (Target Painter)
Gist Malakim / Throne x4 (BS)(Trigger Wave 2)
Angel Stasis Tower x1 (S) (Webs)
Angel Cruise Missile Battery x2 (S)
Angel Point Defense Battery x1 (S)

Wave 1
Gistii Hunter / Impaler x3 (F)

Wave 2
Gist Malakim / Throne x6 (BS)

Part 3

Angel Energy Neutralizer Sentry II x1 (S)(Neuts @ 250k)
Angel Cruise Missile Battery x5 (S)
Gistior Defiler / Seizer x1-3 (D)
Gistatis Primus / Tribuni x4 (BC)
Gist Malakim / Nephilim / Throne x6 (BS)(Trigger for Wave 1)

Wave 1
Arch Gistii Ambusher / Raider x2 (F)
Gistior Defacer / Haunter x2 (D)
Gistatis Praefectus / Tribuni x3 (BC)
Gist Cherubim / Throne / Warlord x4-5 (BS)
Gist Saint x0-1 (BS)(Target Painter)

Killing the battleships triggers a escalation.

Next Location / Escalation

Part 1

Gistior Gistior Defacer/Shatterer x3 (D)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x2 (C)
Gistatis Legionnaire / Preaefectus / Primus / Tribuni x5 (BC)
Gist Throne / Warlord x3 (BS)(Trigger Wave 2)
Gist Nephilim / Saint x2-3 (Target Painter)
Angel Cruise Missile Batteryx6 (S)(Trigger Wave 1)

Wave 1
Angel Stasis Tower x2 (S)(Webs)

Wave 2
Gist Warlord x2 (BS)

Wave 3
Arch Gistii Hunter / Impaler x3 (F)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x3 (C)
Gist Throne/ Malakim / Warlord x2 (BS)
Gist Cherubim x1 (BS)

Part 2

Gistior Defacer / Haunter x2 (D)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x2 (C)
Gist Throne / War General / Warlord x3 (BS)(Trigger Wave 1)
Gist Saint x2 (BS)(Target Painter)
Angel Cruise Missile Battery x7 (S)

Wave 1
Gistior Defacer / Haunter x2 (D)
Gistatis Praefectus / Tribuni x3 (BC)
Gist Saint x1 (BS)(Target Painter)
Gist Throne x3 (BS)(Trigger Wave 2)

Wave 2
Arch Gistii Ambusher / Raider x4 (F)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x3 (C)
Gist Throne x3 (BS)
Hashi Keptzh x1 (BS)(Webs)(drops 19th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects, may contain Domination Battleship Modules, Gistum A-Type Modules and Cynabal BPC and may produce T2 salvage)

Rent-A-Dream Station x1 (may drop Narcotic Trade Goods)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Angel’s pirates do mostly explosive damage followed by kinetic, they are weak against explosive damage.

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