Keyboard & Mouse controls


Default Keyboard and Mouse controls for Dust 514

Listed here is the Dust 514 control layout for the keyboard and mouse.

Keyboard Mouse Controls Dust 514

Change Stance / Change SeatLeft Ctrl KeyInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Throw GrenadeXInfantry
ZoomRight Mouse ButtonInfantry, HAV
Fire / Use EquipmentLeft Mouse ButtonInfantry, HAV, Dropship
Toggle Weapon SwitchMiddle Mouse ButtonInfantry
Weapon SwitchCaps Lock Key / Middle Mouse ButtonInfantry
Squad OrdersQ + Caps Lock KeyInfantry
Squad List / Chat ScreenTInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Overview MapOInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Push To talkZInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Vehicle, Off Map Support, TurretsVInfantry
Player ListTab KeyInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
NeocomESC KeyInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Move ForwardWInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Move BackwardSInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Turn LeftAInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Turn RightDInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Exit VehicleELAV, HAV, Dropship
Activate Remote ModuleLeft Mouse ButtonLAV
Toggle CameraQLAV, HAV, Dropship
Hand BrakeSpace KeyLAV
Look BackCLAV
Module SwitchCaps Lock KeyLAV, HAV, Dropship
Upward ThrustSpace KeyDropship
Downward ThrustLeft Shift KeyDropship
Bay DoorsFDropship
SprintLeft Shift KeyInfantry
Jump / Inertia DampenerSpace KeyInfantry

If you need to filter this table, use the Search box and press enter. This will enable you to just see certain modes instead of the full list if you choose.

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