Controller Diagrams


Default controller layout for Dust 514

Listed here is the Dust 514 control layout for the PS3 Controller.
Controller Diagram Dust 514

Change Stance / Change SeatTriangleInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Throw GrenadeL2Infantry
ZoomL1Infantry, HAV
Fire / Use EquipmentR1Infantry, HAV, Dropship
Toggle Weapon SwitchRight ThumbstickInfantry
Weapon SwitchR2 + Right ThumbstickInfantry
Squad OrdersR2 + Right ThumbstickInfantry
Squad List / Chat ScreenSelectInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Overview MapDown D-PadInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Push To talkLeft D-PadInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Vehicle, Off Map Support, TurretsRight D-PadInfantry
Player ListUp D-PadInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
NeocomStartInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Move ForwardLeft ThumbstickInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Move BackwardLeft ThumbstickInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Turn LeftLeft ThumbstickInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Turn RightLeft ThumbstickInfantry, LAV, HAV, Dropship
Exit VehicleO ButtonLAV, HAV, Dropship
Activate Remote ModuleR1LAV
Toggle CameraR3LAV, HAV, Dropship
Hand BrakeL1LAV
Look BackRight ThumbstickLAV
Module SwitchR2LAV, HAV, Dropship
Upward ThrustL1Dropship
Downward ThrustL2Dropship
Bay DoorsSquareDropship
Jump / Inertia DampenerX ButtonInfantry
AimRight ThumbstickInfantry
Pitch / RollLeft T

Infantry Controller Diagram
Infantry Controller Diagram Dust 514

LAV Controller Diagram
LAV Controller Diagram Dust 514

HAV Controller Diagram
HAV Controller Diagram Dust 514

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