Battle Icons


Battle Icons List

This page features all the different types of battle icons that appear on mini-map and overview map interfaces.

Infantry TagInfantry Tag
Squad MemberSquad Member
Enemy InfantryEnemy Infantry
Large Installation TurretLarge Installation Turret
Small Installation TurretSmall Installation Turret
Large Missile Installation TurretLarge Missile Installation Turret
Light Ground VehicleLight Ground Vehicle
Medium Ground VehicleMedium Ground Vehicle
Light AircraftLight Aircraft
Heavy Ground VehicleHeavy Ground Vehicle
Medium AircraftMedium Aircraft
Heavy AircraftHeavy Aircraft
Mobile Command CenterMobile Command Center
Supply DepotSupply Depot
Command NodeCommand Node
Defense RelayDefense Relay
Clone Reanimation UnitClone Reanimation Unit
Drop UplinkDrop Uplink
NanohiveNanohive (Ammo)
Nanohive Ammo RepairNanohive (Ammo & Repair)
Remote Explosive


Battle Icons

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