DaOpa’s Dust 514 Fansite!

Welcome to DaOpa’s Dust 514 Fansite!

Dust 514 is a featured F2P (Free to play) MMOFPS game exclusively on the PlayStation Network. Dust 514 offers intense combat in a massive, interconnected universe of thousands of planets that is bridged with EVE-Online a PC MMORPG. Battles in Dust 514 are more meaningful then just climbing a leaderboard. What you do in Dust 514 will effect players in EVE-Online in some fashion.

Create your character, develope your skills and upgrades the way you feel is best. Earn skill points as you play that allows you to enables better weapons, vehicles, turrets, equipment, armor, implants, modules and much more.

Note – Dust 514 has been discontinued – Sign up to get started playing Dust 514.

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