Issuing Squad Commands


How to use Squad Commands effectively via overview map!

This is going to be a quick and simple guide on how to use the overview to issue squad commands during battles.

First you need to be in the Squad Leader position, check the squad chat channel during the warbarge and see if your in the top spot. Or before queuing up for a battle, create your own squad to insure you have the leadership spot.

Next when entering the battle open up the Overview Map. To do this with the controller press the down arrow or using a keyboard press the O button.

Squad Commands Overview

Move the target selector with the left thumbstick or via keyboard using WASD over Objectives, soldiers and turrets then press and hold x or left mouse button to select squad commands.

Squad Commands List:

  • Attack
  • Defend
  • Rally
  • Capture


Most useful squad command order is defend, place this on your best player that doesn’t die alot during a match.

You can also issue squad commands while walking with the trigger keys (Keyboard: Q & Capslock or Controller: R2 + Right Pad). This is sometimes faster then opening up the overview as long as the objects or soldiers are in your line of view.

Orbital Strike is obtainable at 2,500 war points, when your squad achieves that requirement a message on the top right of screen will show that OB is ready for use.




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