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detection range tutorial
Detection range guide, spotting information, detail ship surface detection and air detection spreadsheet.

ShipTierNationTypeSurface DetectionAir Detection
Hosho4JapanCarrier07.9 km08.1 km
Zuiho5JapanCarrier08.5 km08.0 km
Ryujo6JapanCarrier09.0 km07.9 km
Hiryu7JapanCarrier11.9 km09.9 km
Shokaku8JapanCarrier12.4 km12.0 km
Langley4USACarrier10.1 km07.4 km
Bogue5USACarrier11.9 km07.0 km
Independence6USACarrier10.3 km11.5 km
Ranger7USACarrier14.2 km13.3 km
Lexington8USACarrier17.5 km15.0 km
Essex9USACarrier14.9 km14.4 km
Kawachi3JapanBattleship09.5 km08.3 km
Myogi4JapanBattleship17.1 km10.7 km
Kongo5JapanBattleship16.2 km11.7 km
Fuso6JapanBattleship18.9 km12.2 km
Nagato7JapanBattleship17.1 km13.3 km
Amagi8JapanBattleship17.3km13.7 km
Izumo9JapanBattleship19.3 km15.7 km
Yamato10JapanBattleship18.0 km17.0 km
S. Carolina3USABattleship13.9 km07.5 km
Wyoming4USABattleship14.0 km09.7 km
New York5USABattleship16.0 km10.4 km
New Mexico6USABattleship14.2 km11.3 km
Colorado7USABattleship16.7 km11.5 km
N. Carolina8USABattleship15.7 km12.6 km
Iowa9USABattleship16.2 km14.2 km
Montana10USABattleship17.8 km16.1 km
Warspite6UKBattleship14.2 km11.4 km
Umikaze2JapanDestroyer05.6 km02.9 km
Wakatake3JapanDestroyer06.1 km02.5 km
Isokaze4JapanDestroyer06.1 km02.8 km
Minekaze5JapanDestroyer05.9 km03.1 km
Mutsuki6JapanDestroyer05.9 km03.1 km
Hatsuharu7JapanDestroyer06.7 km03.5 km
Fubuki8JapanDestroyer07.0 km03.8 km
Kagero9JapanDestroyer06.8 km03.8 km
Shimakaze10JapanDestroyer07.6 km04.2 km
Sampson2USADestroyer05.9 km03.0 km
Wickes3USADestroyer06.7 km03.1 km
Clemson4USADestroyer07.0 km03.1 km
Nicholas5USADestroyer06.7 km03.1 km
Farragut6USADestroyer07.6 km03.4 km
Mahan7USADestroyer07.9 km03.6 km
Benson8USADestroyer07.4 km03.6 km
Fletcher9USADestroyer07.4 km04.0 km
Gearing10USADestroyer07.6 km04.3 km
Sims7USADestroyer07.6 km03.7 km
Gremyashchy5USSRDestroyer07.0 km03.6 km
Katori1JapanCruiser09.2 km05.5 km
Chikuma2JapanCruiser09.2 km05.2 km
Tenryu3JapanCruiser08.3 km04.8 km
Kuma4JapanCruiser11.3 km06.5 km
Furutaka5JapanCruiser12.2 km07.0 km
Aoba6JapanCruiser12.1 km07.0 km
Myoko7JapanCruiser13.1 km08.2 km
Mogami8JapanCruiser10.8 km07.6 km
Ibuki9JapanCruiser12.6 km08.5 km
Zao10JapanCruiser12.6 km09.3 km
Kitakami8JapanCruiser11.3 km07.4 km
Erie1USACruiser08.3 km03.8 km
Chester2USACruiser08.5 km05.0 km
St. Louis3USACruiser11.0 km06.3 km
Phoenix4USACruiser13.1 km06.7 km
Omaha5USACruiser13.5 km06.7 km
Cleveland6USACruiser13.3 km08.1 km
Pensacola7USACruiser15.7km07.8 km
New Orleans8USACruiser12.4 km07.5 km
Baltimore9USACruiser12.6 km09.1 km
Des Moines10USACruiser13.9 km09.9 km
Albany2USACruiser08.8 km04.1 km
Atlanta7USACruiser11.0 km06.4 km
Aurora3USSRCruiser11.0 km06.3 km
Murmansk5USSRCruiser13.1 km06.7 km
Yubari4JapanCruiser09.9 km04.7 km

Surface Detection means the range at which another ship has to be in order for your ship to show up on their radar. You can not be spotted outside of your surface detection range by another surface vessel regardless of what kind of modules or captain skills the enemy has acquired.

Air Detection means the range at which a plane has to be in order for your ship to show up on owner’s radar.

Scout Planes can find ships within 4 km and see ships up to 11 km with clear line of sight.

Carrier planes can find ships within 8 km and see ships up to 11 km with clear line of sight.

And in reverse, scout planes can be detected from both surface and air at 4 km range and carrier planes get detected from both surface and air at 8 km range.

Actions that cause you to be spotted from a larger range include the following:

Ships that are on fire will have a penalty added of approximately +2 km surface and +3 km air detection to their ship’s base values.

If AA is enabled and it’s attacking planes this will add approx +1.3 km surface detection and +2 km air detection.

Fire and AA are fixed rated penalties for all ships, extinguish the fire and disabling AA will remove the penalties.

Shooting your main gun will add to your detection range for 20 seconds. The range penalties are different for each ship.

Estimated main gun shot penalty for destroyers is around +4 km, cruisers +6 km and battleships +12 km for both surface and air detection.

Target acquisition range modification will only increase maximum view range; this will assist when planes or other team mates spot enemies and relay it back to your ship.

Destroyer’s lay smoke ability will create a 450m circle of smoke to which will prevent all ships inside circle to being spotted. Smoke deployment time is around 20 seconds and lasts approximately 65 to 97 seconds.

Torpedo Detection Range spreadsheet

ShipTierTorpedo TypeDetectability range
Benson8533 mm Mk 121.5 km
Benson8533 mm Mk 141.2 km
Clemson4533 mm Mk 91.3 km
Clemson4533 mm Mk 111.3 km
Farragut6533 mm Mk 151.5 km
Farragut6533 mm Mk 151.5 km
Fletcher9533 mm Mk 141.2 km
Fletcher9533 mm Mk 141.6 km
Fubuki8610 mm Type 90 mod. 11.9 km
Fubuki8610 mm Type 90 mod. 21.8 km
Gearing10533 mm Mk 171.6 km
Gremyashchy5533 mm 53-391.3 km
Hatsuharu7610 mm Type 8 mod. 21.8 km
Hatsuharu7610 mm Type 90 mod. 11.9 km
Isokaze4533 mm Type61.3 km
Isokaze4533 mm Type 921.6 km
Kagero9610 mm Type 90 mod. 21.8 km
Kagero9610 mm Type 93 mod. 12.1 km
Mahan8533 mm Mk 151.5 km
Mahan8533 mm Mk 121.5 km
Minekaze5533 mm Type 921.6 km
Minekaze5533 mm Type 891.3 km
Mutsuki6610 mm Type 8 mod. 12.0 km
Mutsuki6610 mm Type 8 mod. 21.8 km
Nicholas5533 mm Mk 111.3 km
Nicholas5533 mm Mk 151.5 km
Sampson2450 mm Mk 50.9 km
Sampson2450 mm Mk 70.9 km
Shimakaze10610 mm Type 93 mod. 12.1 km
Shimakaze10610 mm Type 93 mod. 32.1 km
Sims7533 mm Mk151.5 km
Umikaze2457 mm Type 42 mod. 10.7 km
Umikaze2457 mm Type 44 mod. 20.8 km
Wakatake3533 mm Type 44 mod. 21.3 km
Wakatake3533 mm Type61.3 km
Wickes3533 mm Mk 31.1 km

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