Aircraft stats

aircraft stats
Check out all the various planes available for use by carriers in world of warships. List is in a spreadsheet format with data showing dps, speed, torpedo damage.

Loadout means amount of ammo the plane carries before it needs to return to the carrier.

Survivability basically means total HP of the unit.

Curtiss TS-14USAFighter1093088560
Mitsubishi 1MF4IJNFighter1153077590
Curtiss F6C-15USAFighter1153066760
Nakajima A2N25IJNFighter1263057780
Boeing F4B6USAFighter1273053940
Nakajima A4N6IJNFighter1343046970
Grumman F3F7USAFighter12536431140
Mitshubishi A5M27IJNFighter14630381150
Gramman F4F38USAFighter14784311400
Mitsubishi A6M28IJNFighter14390261360
Voucht F4U9USAFighter146126231670
Mitsubishi A7M19IJNFighter15796231620
Douglas DT4USATorpedo Bomber895900610
Mitsubishi 1MT4IJNTorpedo Bomber858567590
Martin T3M5USATorpedo Bomber908500800
Mitsubishi B1M5IJNTorpedo Bomber958567790
Martin T4M6USATorpedo Bomber948500970
Nakajima B3N6IJNTorpedo Bomber998567990
Douglas TBD7USATorpedo Bomber10698671200
Yokosuka B4Y7IJNTorpedo Bomber10785671180
Consdidated TBY-28USATorpedo Bomber11798671530
Nakajima B5N28IJNTorpedo Bomber11185671370
Grumman TBF9USATorpedo Bomber11398671640
Nakajima B6N9IJNTorpedo Bomber13385671700
Martin BM25USADive Bomber1075400810
Aichi D1A15IJNDive Bomber1054600790
Voucht SB46USADive Bomber1115400970
Aichi D1A26IJNDive Bomber1104600970
Curtiss SBC47USADive Bomber12375001190
Aichi D3A17IJNDive Bomber12146001190
Voucht SB2U8USADive Bomber11575001340
Aichi D3A28IJNDive Bomber12646001380
Douglas SBD29USADive Bomber11475001550
Yokosuka D4Y29IJNDive Bomber14946001590

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