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Battleship guide, tips, and compare tech tree stats for all the current available ships.

Battleships primary task is to take out other enemy battleships. Make sure you use (AP) armor penetrating ammo for maximum effectiveness.

  • Battleships are extremely deadly against carriers and cruisers when in range with secondary weapons.
  • When facing a carrier, switch out of AP ammo to HE to set the deck on fire so it prevents the carriers from launching planes.
  • Battleships are vulnerable to torpedo bombers and destroyers. If you see a torpedo bomber heading for you, turn your ship directly at it to attempt to mitigate torpedo spreads. Same with a destroyer that is trying to broadside you, turning towards it will present a narrow profile. If at some point you need to attack a destroyer use HE Ammo.
  • Try to follow a cruiser for AA coverage or have a cruiser escort you.
  • Do not run to the middle of the map with out the team.
  • Battleship main guns traverse slowly, try to fire a single shot first to see if on target before double clicking all the other guns.

Full detail stats on the various battleships listed here below.

ShipTierNationCbt CapMB RangeMB RateHE DMGAP DMGAA RangeMax SpeedTurning RadiusSurface DetectionAir Detection
Kawachi3Japan35800 | 387008.9km | 9.8km1.8 | 2.0r/m53007900 | 81002.3km20kn480m9.5km8.3km
Myogi4Japan42800 | 4570013.9km | 15.3km2.0r/m5300 | 58008100 | 10000NONE29kn680m17.1km10.7km
Kongo5Japan49500 | 5410019.3km | 21.2km1.8 | 2.0r/m580010000 | 102005.0km25kn720m16.2km11.7km
Fuso6Japan51600 | 5710019.8km | 21.8km2.0 | 2.1r/m5800102005.0km25kn660m18.9km12.2km
Nagato7Japan56800 | 6500020.5km1.7 | 1.9r/m640012400 | 126005.0km25kn690m17.1km13.3km
Amagi8Japan59300 | 6630018.1 | 19.9km1.9 | 2.0r/m6400126005.0km30kn820m17.3km13.7km
Izumo9Japan76500 | 7890019.7 | 21.7km2.0r/m640012100 | 129005.0km28kn800m19.3km15.7km
S. Carolina3USA2900010.2km | 11.2km2.0r/m430081002.0km18kn390m13.9km7.5km
Wyoming4USA41500 | 4380014.1km2.0r/m44008300NONE | 2.5km21kn490m14.0km9.7km
New York5USA4910015.6km1.8r/m5000100003.5km21kn490m16.0km10.4km
New Mexico6USA5320014.9km1.8r/m5000102002.0km21kn540m14.2km11.3km
Colorado7USA49000 | 5010016.7km1.7r/m5500122002.0km | 5.0km21kn540m16.7km11.5km
N. Carolina8USA6600023.3km2.0r/m5600131005.0km28kn680m15.7km12.6km
Iowa9USA68100 | 7900021.2km | 23.3km2.0r/m5600135005.0km31kn890m16.2km14.2km

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