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Destroyer’s primary task is to ambush enemy ships with your torpedoes. Use the islands for cover to launch attacks while running back to remain undetected.

  • Destroyers are good at killing other destroyers.
  • Destroyers are vulnerable to cruisers; make sure to avoid them as much as possible. If you notice a cruiser is distracted attacking another team mate this maybe a good time to go for a close torpedo run.
  • Destroyer’s have a special ability to lay smoke, use this to run away from incoming problematic enemies. Note if you have enemy planes nearby you should temporarily disable AA by pressing P to remain unspotted.
  • Destroyers are very effective against battleships and carriers if you’re able to get close enough to launch torpedoes. When chasing after a carrier, use HE Ammo and set their deck on fire to prevent planes from launching.
  • Torpedoes are the bread and butter for destroyers. Make sure you know what the max range is for your currently equipped torpedoes. Use the 3 key to select different spreads from narrow to wide. Narrow is very effective on targets that are distracted or have some sort of engine failure which prevents them from turning. Wide is great for distracting other destroyers. Another tactic is to use both wide and narrow on a target to confuse them.
  • Do not fire blindly into suspected areas or smoke screens. This will make you show up and players will go after you.
  • Make sure not to mistakenly fire torpedoes near team mates.
  • Lay smoke can also cover friendly ships; use this to protect team mates who are getting attacked if possible. Make sure to tell them you are laying smoke so they don’t immediately leave the aoe smoke area.

Full detail stats on the various destroyers listed here below.

TierNationHPMB RangeMB RateHE DMGAP DMGTorp RangeTorp DMGAA RangeMax SpeedSurf DetAir Det
Umikaze2Japan8600 | 103006.7km10.0s200018005.0km | 8.0km6133 | 6800NONE | 2.0km33kn5.6km2.9km
Wakatake3Japan7300 | 82009.4km12.0s200020007.0km9067 | 108332.0km35.5kn6.1km2.5km
Isokaze4Japan9000 | 103008.3km10.0s200018007.0km10833 | 144002.1km34kn6.1km2.9km
Minekaze5Japan9600 | 109006.9km12.0s | 10.0s200020007.0km144003.0km39kn6.2km3.1km
Mutsuki6Japan9800 | 116006.9km | 7.6km12.0s | 10.9s200020006.0km | 10.0km14600 | 162670.9km | 3.0km37.5kn6.2km | 6.0km3.1km
Hatsuharu7Japan10900 | 121008.4km | 9.3km12.0s2100220010.0km16267 | 172335.0km36.5kn6.7km | 6.5km3.5km
Fubuki8Japan12600 | 139009.1km | 10.0km8.9s2100220010.0km | 15.0km172333.0km35kn6.8km3.8km
Kagero9Japan13300 | 151008.6km | 9.4km8.9s2100220015.0km | 20.0km17233 | 209673.0km35kn6.8km3.8km
Shimakaze10Japan179009.8km7.0s2100220020.0km | 15.0km20967 | 237675.0km39kn7.6km4.2km
Sampson2USA8500 | 91007.8km | 8.6km7.0s150017004.5km5900 | 60332.0km29.5kn5.9km3.0km
Wickes3USA8100 | 89008.4km | 9.2km7.0s150017004.5km | 5.0km6400 | 99002.0km34kn6.7km3.1km
Clemson4USA8800 | 109007.8km | 8.6km7.0s150017005.0km | 5.5km9900 | 117332.0km35kn7.0km3.1km
Nicholas5USA12000 | 1310010.9km6.5s180022005.5km11733 | 116002.0km | 5.0km37kn6.7km3.1km
Farragut6USA10900 | 1150011.4km | 12.6km4.0s180021005.5km | 6.4km117335.0km36.5kn7.6km3.4km
Mahan7USA11700 | 1410010.6km | 11.7km4.0s180021006.4km | 9.2km11733 | 116005.0km35kn7.9km3.6km
Benson8USA12800 | 1540010.5km | 11.6km3.3s180021009.2km11600 | 166335.0km38kn7.4km3.6km
Fletcher9USA13900 | 1710011.8km | 12.9km3.3s180021009.2km | 10.5km16633 | 190335.0km36.5kn7.4km4.0km
Storozhevoi2Russia7100 | 78009.7km5.0s150018003.0km6133 | 61672.0km35kn5.8km2.7km
Derzki3Russia8600 | 97008.1km | 8.9km5.0s150018003.0km61670.9km34kn6.1km2.9km
Izyaslav4Russia9400 | 103009.2km | 10.2km5.0s150018003.0km | 5.0km6167 | 72332.0km35kn6.7km3.3km
Gnevny5Russia11700 | 1390010.8km | 11.9km5.0s160025004.0km144002.0km38kn7.0km3.6km
Ognevoi6Russia12600 | 1550010.9km | 12.0km5.0s160025004.0km14400 | 151003.0km37kn7.7km3.8km
Kiev7Russia11200 | 1280011.1km | 12.3km5.0s160025004.0km15100 | 179333.0km42.5kn9.0km4.4km
Tashkent8Russia16400 | 1960010.5km | 11.6km5.0s160025004.0km | 8.0km17933 | 144003.0km | 3.5km42.59.4km4.9km
Udaloi9Russia16000 | 1880011.0km | 12.1km5.0s | 4.6s16002500 | 26008.0km14400 | 151003.2km40kn8.6km | 9.2km4.0km
Khabarovsk10Russia2250013.0km4.6s1600260010.0km | 6.0KM15100 | 195005.0km43kn10.0km4.9km

Stats have been updated on 1/5/2016.

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