Unlocking the Universe of Armor Types in Starfield: Your Comprehensive Guide

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In the expansive universe of Starfield, your journey through the cosmos is fraught with danger and excitement. To safeguard yourself against the perils of the unknown, you’ll need to be equipped with the right armor. This blog post serves as your ultimate guide to all the armor types available in Starfield. Whether you’re a seasoned spacefarer or a rookie explorer, understanding these armor types and their resistances is crucial to surviving the challenges that lie ahead.

starfield armors list

Introduction to Armor in Starfield

Why Armor Matters

In the vast expanse of Starfield, you’ll encounter a myriad of threats, from hostile alien species to treacherous environmental conditions. Armor acts as your first line of defense, absorbing and mitigating damage, ensuring your survival in these perilous situations.

The Importance of Resistance Stats

Each armor type in Starfield comes with a unique set of resistance stats. These stats determine how well your armor protects you against various forms of damage, such as physical, energy, EM, thermal, corrosive, airborne, and radiation. Understanding these resistances is key to maximizing your survivability.

Here is our current list of all armors in Starfield:

NameTypePHYSENGYEMthermal resistancecorrosive resistanceairborne resistanceradiation resistance
Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno PackPacks444246100020
Bounty Hunter Seek PackPacks56726405520
Bounty Hunter Space HelmetHelmets725664200010
Bounty Hunter SpacesuitSpacesuits12813213615151515
Bounty Hunter Stalk PackPacks686064201000
Bounty Hunter Track PackPacks725664200010
Broken Constellation Space HelmetHelmets19162305520
Constellation PackPacks392331201000
Constellation Space HelmetHelmets35273105520
Constellation SpacesuitSpacesuits7846623020010
Cydonia PackPacks442226002010
Cydonia Space HelmetHelmets46242805520
Deep Mining PackPacks341826010200
Deep Mining Space HelmetHelmets341826010200
Deep Mining SpacesuitSpacesuits6937531003020
Deep Recon PackPacks303834102000
Deep Recon Space HelmetHelmets36343810101010
Deep Recon SpacesuitSpacesuits6177692030100
Deepcore PackPacks26283005205
Deepcore Space HelmetHelmets28263050205
Deepcore SpacesuitSpacesuits5753611503015
Deepseeker PackPacks41333752050
Deepseeker Space HelmetHelmets294537020100
Deepseeker SpacesuitSpacesuits7874820102030
Deimos PackPacks28263050205
Deimos Space HelmetHelmets26283005205
Deimos SpacesuitSpacesuits5357610153015
Deimos Tunnel PackPacks22302610101010
Ecliptic PackPacks293133200010
Ecliptic Space HelmetHelmets293133001020
Ecliptic SpacesuitSpacesuits5862663020100
Explorer PackPacks64666820505
Explorer Space HelmetHelmets72566420505
Explorer SpacesuitSpacesuits12013612815151515
Festive Neocity PonchoApparel52010100150
Gran-Gran's Space HelmetHelmets2642342015510
Gran-Gran's SpacesuitSpacesuits76606835201015
Ground Crew PackPacks183426102000
Ground Crew HelmetHelmets22302610101010
Ground Crew SpacesuitSpacesuits45615315151515
High School BackpackPacks28303210101010
Incendiary Experimental Nishina SpacesuitSpacesuits891211051530015
Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space HelmetHelmets444246100020
Mantis PackPacks47555150520
Mantis Space HelmetHelmets544650201000
Mantis SpacesuitSpacesuits116841001503015
Mark I PackPacks66646820550
Mark I Space HelmetHelmets66646820550
Mark I SpacesuitSpacesuits1121441281530150
Mercenary PackPacks606864002010
Mercenary Space HelmetHelmets606864002010
Mercenary SpacesuitSpacesuits1121441281530150
Mercury PackPacks42585020202020
Mercury Space HelmetHelmets50525415151515
Mercury SpacesuitSpacesuits1089210025252525
Monster CostumeSpacesuits5050500000
Navigator PackPacks34182652050
Navigator Space HelmetHelmets183426102000
Navigator SpacesuitSpacesuits3769532030100
Old Earth PackPacks66687020505
Old Earth Space HelmetHelmets74586620505
Old Earth SpacesuitSpacesuits1361321402030100
Peacemaker PackPacks284436020100
Peacemaker Space HelmetHelmets324036102000
Peacemaker SpacesuitSpacesuits7377811002030
Pirate Assault Space HelmetHelmets302226020100
Pirate Assault SpacesuitSpacesuits6145532030010
Pirate Charger Space HelmetHelmets34182652050
Pirate Charger SpacesuitSpacesuits6937531530150
Pirate Corsair Space HelmetHelmets26283052005
Pirate Corsair SpacesuitSpacesuits5357611530015
Pirate Raiding PackPacks282630001020
Pirate Sniper Space HelmetHelmets282630001020
Pirate Sniper SpacesuitSpacesuits5753611002030
Pirate Survival PackPacks26283052005
Ranger PackPacks48324052005
Ranger Space HelmetHelmets44364052050
Ranger SpacesuitSpacesuits9664803020100
Reactive Experimental Nishina HelmetSpacesuits47555152005
Repulsing Explorer SpacesuitSpacesuits55665815151515
Sentinel's UC Antixeno SpacesuitSpacesuits7692840103020
Shocktrooper PackPacks404244001020
Shocktrooper Space HelmetHelmets48324052005
Shocktrooper SpacesuitSpacesuits8084883015015
Space Trucker PackPacks223026100020
Space Trucker Space HelmetHelmets223026100020
Space Trucker SpacesuitSpacesuits4561530102030
Star Roamer PackPacks223026100020
Star Roamer Space HelmetHelmets223026100020
Star Roamer SpacesuitSpacesuits3769531501530
Starborn Spacesuit AstraSpacesuits14914914950505050
Starborn Spacesuit AvitusSpacesuits23523523550505050
Starborn Spacesuit BellumSpacesuits21421421450505050
Starborn Spacesuit GravitasSpacesuits20320320350505050
Starborn Spacesuit LocusSpacesuits17017017050505050
Starborn Spacesuit MateriaSpacesuits15915915950505050
Starborn Spacesuit SolisSpacesuits19219219250505050
Starborn Spacesuit TempusSpacesuits22422422450505050
Starborn Spacesuit TenebrisSpacesuits18118118150505050
Starborn Spacesuit VenatorSpacesuits24624624650505050
SY-920 Pilot PackPacks18342650520
SY-920 Space HelmetHelmets18342650520
SysDef Ace SpacesuitSpacesuits4880640103020
SysDef Armored Space HelmetHelmets404244001020
SysDef Assault SpacesuitSpacesuits8480883015150
SysDef Combat SpacesuitSpacesuits6682741501530
SysDef PackPacks34323620505
SysDef Recon SpacesuitSpacesuits5385692030010
SysDef Space HelmetHelmets323436200010
SysDef SpacesuitSpacesuits6864723015015
SysDef Ace Space HelmetHelmets28363220550
Tracker Alliance PackPacks68606405205
Trackers Alliance Space HelmetHelmets68606405205
Trackers Alliance SpacesuitSpacesuits1441121281002030
Tunnel Mining PackPacks30222605520
UC Ace Pilot PackPacks244032002010
UC Ace Pilot Space HelmetHelmets34323620505
UC Ace SpacesuitSpacesuits5672643015150
UC AntiXeno SpacesuitSpacesuits7692840103020
UC Armored Space HelmetHelmets36444050520
UC Combat SpacesuitSpacesuits5890740151530
UC Marine PackPacks362832002010
UC Marine Space HelmetHelmets244032002010
UC Marine SpacesuitSpacesuits7256641003020
UC Sec Combat SpacesuitSpacesuits8266743020010
UC Sec Recon SpacesuitSpacesuits8872800153015
UC Sec Spaceriot HelmetHelmets32484005520
UC Sec Starlaw SpacesuitSpacesuits8872800153015
UC Security PackPacks40243205205
UC Security Space HelmetHelmets3628320000
UC Security SpacesuitSpacesuits8048640153015
UC Shock Armor PackPacks725664010200
UC Startroop SpacesuitSpacesuits7761691530150
UC Urbanwar Space HelmetHelmets72566450205
UC Urbanwar SpacesuitSpacesuits6468720102030
UC Vanguard Pilot PackPacks32343650205
UC Vanguard Space HelmetHelmets34363850205
UC Vanguard SpacesuitSpacesuits6468721503015
UC Wardog SpacesuitSpacesuits6496801003020
Va'ruun PackPacks34323610101010
Va'ruun Space HelmetHelmets40243205205
Va'Ruun SpacesuitSpacesuits68647215151515

Understanding Resistance Stats

To make informed decisions about your armor choices, it’s essential to grasp the significance of each resistance stat:

Physical Resistance

Physical resistance reduces the damage taken from physical attacks, such as bullets and melee strikes.

Energy Resistance

Energy resistance mitigates harm from energy-based weapons, like lasers and plasma guns.

EM Resistance

EM resistance safeguards you from electromagnetic interference and attacks.

Thermal Resistance

Thermal resistance protects against extreme heat and fire damage.

Corrosive Resistance

Corrosive resistance shields you from corrosive substances and acid attacks.

Airborne Resistance

Airborne resistance defends against toxins and hazardous gases present in certain environments.

Radiation Resistance

Radiation resistance counters the harmful effects of radiation found in contaminated areas.

Making Informed Choices

Selecting the right armor in Starfield depends on your playstyle and the challenges you expect to face. Whether you prefer agile hit-and-run tactics or prefer to stand your ground as a tank, there’s an armor type suited to your needs.

Choosing the Right Armor for Your Playstyle

Consider your preferred approach to combat and exploration when selecting your armor type.

Customizing Armor for Optimal Protection

Upgrade and modify your armor to enhance its resistance stats and tailor it to your specific needs.

Where to Find the Best Armor Sets

Discover the most coveted armor sets and locations to acquire them within the Starfield universe.

Currently the best way to get armors is via farming high end npcs and reloading.
See our video guide

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