NPC Ships List


Space is vast and unpredictable, and in the Starfield Universe, you’re not alone in your interstellar journey. Alongside your own spaceship, you’ll encounter a diverse array of NPC ships, each with its own purpose and often unpredictable behavior. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of current NPC ship types that you may encounter while exploring the Starfield Universe.

Abandoned Starstation
Asphalt CB II Space OX II
Asphalt CB III Space OX III
Atlas Conquerer Conquerer II
Atlas II Asphalt CB
Babylon Falcon IV
Babylon II Blackhawk Achilles II
Big Rig II Voyager Razorleaf
Big Rig Starborn Guardian V
Blattodea Va'ruun Shroudbearer
BSN-728 Hammerhead II
Caravan Slipstream
Carry ALL Dagger IV Kfir IV
Carry ALL II
Carry ALL III PCH Warmonger
Chimera II
Civshuttle III Vista II
Conquerer III Spacer Scavenger
Crimson Fleet Ship
Crossbow II Civshuttle Kirov II
Crossbow IV Orca II Hulker III
Dagger III Phalanx III
Default Player Ship Raptor
Defensive Battery Celestial
Dolphin II Blackhawk III
Dragonfire II Dullahan II
Dragonfire Starborn Guardian II
Dullahan Stronghold Autobahn
Ecliptic Battleship Camulus
Econohaul Particle Turret
Falcon III Falcon II
Galileo III Renegade II
Generic Class A 03
Gladius III Mustang Orca III
Gladius Kepler S
Hammerhead Satellite
Helix Scorpius
Highlander Zumwalt II Roanoke
Hoplite Falcon Achilles
Hoplite II Endeavor Hellhound
Hoplite III Aegis Wagontrain
Hulker Railstar II
Hurst's Ship Kepler R
II Dagger Gladius II Kfir
Kfir II
Kfir III Narcissus II
Kirov Caravan III Sunsail II
Landable Freighter
Lil Muv II Autobahn III
Longsword Bireme Galileo
Longsword II Autobahn II
Longsword III Naginata III
Marathon Shieldbreaker Silent Runner
Missile Turret Venture
Mustang II
Naginata II Chimera III
Narwhal War Horse Warwolf
Nebula Murasame Watchdog IV
Nimitz II
Nimitz III Blackhawk II
Nimitz Thresher III
Orca IV Chimera MULE
Outpost Orbital Defense
Outpost Starstation
PCH II UC Prison Shuttle
Phalanx Discovery Endeavor III
Polis II Bireme II
Polis Wanderlust
Polvo Station
Privateer II
Privateer III Econohaul II
Privateer Vindicator Ship
Pterosaur II
Pterosaur III Kirov III
Railstar III Kirov IV Mustang III
Railstar Pterosaur Warhammer
Rambler II Transpo III
Ranger III Civshuttle II
Raptor II Achilles III
Reef II Atlas III
Reef Pelican Lil Muv
Renegade III Vanquisher II
Renegade Naginata
Responder II Pik Up III
Roanoke II Vista III
Roanoke III Spacetruk III
Shackleton Civil Prototype Ship
Simulated Opponent Phalanx II
Slipstream II Pelican II
Sloop Dagger II
Sloop II Longsword IV
Space OX Nebula II
Spacetruk Narcissus
Sparrow Hammerhead III Frontier
Sparrow II Sparrow III
Star Eagle Wanderwell Ranger
Star Semi II Ranger IV
Star Semi Vista Crossbow III
Starborn Guardian IV
Starborn Guardian VI
Starborn Guardian Watchdog II
Starhawk II Endeavor II
Starhawk III Celestial II
Stingray II
Stingray III Caravan II
Stormrider Crossbow
Stormrider II Reef III
Stormrider III Dullahan III
Sunsail Starborn Guardian III
The Sonder Retrofitted Starstation
Thresher II Galileo II
Thresher Responder
Tier VI Simulated Ship
Transpo Gladius IV Vanquisher
Transpo II
Trebuchet Governor
Trebuchet II Vindicator III
Trebuchet III Mako II Pik Up II
Vagabond Abyss Trekker
Vanquisher III Spacetruk II
Venture II Venture III
Vindicator II Warhammer III
Voyager II Highlander II
Voyager III Highlander III
Wagontrain II Raptor III
Wagontrain III Ranger II
Warhammer II
Warmonger II
Warmonger III Mako III
Watchdog III
Watchdog Pik Up
Wendigo Test Max
WJS-531 Dolphin
Zumwalt III Mako Stingray Wendigo
Zumwalt Orca Starhawk Rambler

The Starfield Universe is a dynamic and immersive space filled with a wide variety of NPC ships, each adding depth and complexity to your interstellar adventures. As you explore the cosmos, be prepared to interact with traders, pirates, system police, and many other ship types, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.

Remember, your choices and interactions with these NPCs can significantly impact your journey, so choose your path wisely as you navigate the cosmic highways of Starfield. Safe travels, explorer!

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