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In the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield, your spacesuit is not just a piece of equipment; it’s your lifeline in the cold, unforgiving expanse of space. As you embark on your journey through the stars, completing the main quest line will reward you with a Starborn spacesuit. These suits are more than just protective gear; they are a statement of your prowess and dedication in the game. In this blog post, we will provide you with an overview of all the Starborn spacesuits you can obtain, along with images and essential stats.

A Stellar Wardrobe

Completing the main quest line in Starfield will grant you access to one Starborn armor set, each NG+ reset, you will get another each with its unique design and capabilities. These spacesuits not only offer exceptional resistances but also provide the ultimate environmental protection, making them a must-have for any spacefarer. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable suits:

NamePHYSENGYEMthermal resistancecorrosive resistanceairborne resistanceradiation resistance
starborn spacesuit astra
Starborn Spacesuit Astra
starborn spacesuit avitus
Starborn Spacesuit Avitus
starborn spacesuit bellum
Starborn Spacesuit Bellum
starborn spacesuit gravitas
Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas
starborn spacesuit locus
Starborn Spacesuit Locus
starborn spacesuit materia
Starborn Spacesuit Materia
starborn spacesuit solis
Starborn Spacesuit Solis
starborn spacesuit tempus
Starborn Spacesuit Tempus
starborn spacesuit tenebris
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris

starborn spacesuit venator
Starborn Spacesuit Venator

And so on, the list goes on with a variety of distinct spacesuits, each with its own stats and unique aesthetics.

Pros and Cons

While these Starborn spacesuits offer exceptional protection and style, it’s important to note that equipping them comes with some trade-offs. The most notable limitation is that when wearing these suits, you won’t be able to equip additional packs and helmets. This means you’ll need to carefully consider your playstyle and whether the extra resistances provided by the spacesuit outweigh the benefits of additional gear slots.

However, if you find that the suits align with your gameplay style, you’ll discover that they cover all resistance values with the same point values, making them incredibly balanced and versatile in various situations.


In Starfield, your choice of spacesuit is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic decision that can significantly impact your gameplay. The Starborn spacesuits earned through completing the main quest line offer some of the best resistances and environmental protection in the game. Their stylish designs and balanced resistance values make them a prized possession for any space explorer.

Remember to weigh the pros and cons of each spacesuit carefully to find the one that best suits your playstyle. Whether you’re exploring distant planets, battling hostile alien life forms, or embarking on epic space adventures, the right Starborn spacesuit can make all the difference in the vast and mysterious universe of Starfield. So, gear up, and may the stars be with you on your interstellar journey!

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