advanced shotty


In the chaotic and unpredictable cosmos of Starfield, where close-quarters combat is a daily reality, the Shotty Shotgun stands as an embodiment of raw power and versatility. This formidable shotgun harnesses the might of Caseless Shell ammunition and boasts an impressive eight modification slots, making it the ultimate choice for those who demand both firepower […]

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advanced old earth shotgun

Old Earth Shotgun

In the diverse and challenging cosmos of Starfield, where close-quarters combat and versatility are essential, the Old Earth Shotgun stands as a classic scattergun with a modern twist. This trusted and iconic shotgun combines the formidable 12G Shell ammunition with advanced customization, making it the preferred choice for those who appreciate the blend of tradition […]

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In the lawless and unpredictable cosmos of Starfield, where order often depends on firepower, the Pacifier Shotgun stands as an enforcer of justice and a symbol of authority. This formidable shotgun combines the punch of 15×25 CLL Shell ammunition with extensive customization, making it the ultimate choice for those who are tasked with restoring order […]

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advanced breach


In the unforgiving depths of space, danger lurks around every corner, and close-quarters combat is a matter of survival. For those who traverse the cosmos, the Breach Shotgun is the ultimate equalizer. A powerful, customizable weapon in the upcoming space exploration game, Starfield, the Breach Shotgun boasts unparalleled versatility, raw firepower, and an impressive array […]

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modified advanced coachman


In the expansive and often perilous universe of Starfield, where danger can manifest in countless forms, having a reliable and versatile weapon by your side is paramount. Enter the Coachman Shotgun, a classic firearm that combines the timeless design of a shotgun with modern customization options. In this article, we’ll delve into the Coachman Shotgun […]

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