Technomancer Mods


Listed here are all the various technomancer mods you can get in Outriders. Use this list to find the right mod that fits your technomancer build. Some of them are only available on legendary gear, see “static on” column for details on those.

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This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

ADVANCED ROCKETS1Pain LauncherPain Launcher: Every rocket deals [x] more damage.LEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S GLOVES
ARMOR REDUCTION1Blighted TurretThe turret reduces the Armor of each enemy it hits by 20%. Effect lasts for 5 seconds.
BANG FOR YOUR BUCK1Tool Of DestructionActivating the skill grants a 100% base ammo increase for the selected tool.
BETTER PARTS1Blighted TurretIncreases the turrets duration by 50%LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S BOOTS
BIGGER SECTOR3Pain LauncherPain Launcher: Launched rockets cover X% more area.LEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S BOOTS
BONUS DURATION1Cryo TurretCryo Turret: Extend the turret's duration by 30%
BREATH IN3Fixing WaveFixing Wave: Reduces the skill’s cooldown by 20%LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S GOGGLES
CANNONADE3Pain LauncherPain Launcher: Increases the number of rockets landed by 10LEGENDARY:
CLEANSING WIND1Fixing WaveFixing Wave: Using this skill removes negative status conditions from allies and grants 5 seconds immunity from them.LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S ARMOR
COLD PURIFICATION1Cold SnapSkill activation removes negative statuses from you and all your allies in range and receive negative status immunity for 5 secondsLEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE BOREALIS MONARCH
CRITICAL ANALYSIS1Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: Increases Critical Damage by 30%
CRYODOWN3Cryo TurretCryo Turret: Decrease the skill's cooldown by X%.LEGENDARY - WAISTCLOTH OF THE BOREALIS MONARCH
DEMOLITION MAN1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Each rocket deals 87 more damage.
ENRICHED ANTHRAX3Blighted TurretBlighted Turret: Increases the turret's damage by X.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S BOOTS
FEEDBACK1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: 15% of the damage dealt using the minigun heals you after the ability ends.
FINE-TUNED1ScrapnelScrapnel: Increases the detection and explosion radius by 33%LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S GLOVES
FIXER UPPERFixing WaveFixing Wave: Activating the skill increases Health Regeneration by X% of Max Health for Y seconds.
FORTIFY1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Active Minigun skill grants [x] Armor bonus.LEGENDARY:
FREEZE BARRAGE1Pain LauncherPain Launcher: Inflict Freeze on enemies affected by each rocket explosion.
FROSTBITE1Cold SnapCold Snap: While Frozen by the skill, enemies have reduced Armor by X% for the duration of this status.LEGENDARY:
HAIL SHOT1Cryo TurretCryo Turret: Increase the turret's damage based on your Status Power.
HEAD OF THE WARD3SupportReviving an ally also fully restores their HealthLEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S LEG ARMOR
ICE COMPONENT1Blighted TurretThe turret now inflicts Freeze instead of Toxic
ICE ICE BABYCold SnapCold Snap: Enemies already afflicted with Freeze will receive extra X damage from this skill.
ICE PACK1Cryo TurretCryo Turret: The turret heals allies by 30% Max Health within a 4 meter radius when the ability ends.
ICICLE STORM3Cold SnapCold Snap: Killing enemies Frozen by the skill makes them explode dealing X damage in Y meter radius.LEGENDARY:
INCREASED DAMAGE1Cryo TurretEvery turret’s shot deals an extra 51 damage.
INCREASED RANGE1Pain LauncherIncreases the skills range by 167%
INITIAL BLAST1Pain LauncherPain Launcher: Causes a small explosion, dealing 53 damage in a 5 meter radius when the skill is activated.
KNOCKWAVE1Blighted TurretThe turret creates an explosion when deployed, dealing 664 damage to enemies within a 6 meter radius.
LONG WINTERCold SnapCold Snap: Increases the radius of the skill by X%.
MASSACRETool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Each enemy killed with the Minigun gives X Anomaly Power bonus for Y seconds.
MASSACRE1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Each enemy killed with the Minigun gives x Anomaly Power bonus for 6 seconds
MED BURST3Blighted TurretBlighted Turret: The turret replenishes X% of the maximum Health to each ally within a Y meter radius around itself when destroyed.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S TROUSERS
MORE DAMAGE1ScrapnelScrapnel: Increases the skill’s damage by [x].LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S LEG ARMOR
MORE TRAPS1ScrapnelScrapnel: 1 Additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S GOGGLES
MR. FIXIT1Fixing WaveUsing the skill grants Armor and 30% Resistance bonuses for 5 seconds.
NO PAIN, NO GAIN1Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: When the skill ends, 40% of damage dealt by the skill is turned into healing and spread equally among allies.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S COAT
PAINFUL CHILL1Cold SnapCold Snap: Applies extra [x] damage to all enemies affected by the skill.LEGENDARY - CROWN OF THE BOREALIS MONARCH
PHANTOM DASH2During combat your default roll is replaced with Phantom Dash which enables you to quickly pass through enemies.
PORTABLE ARMORY1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: You can fire 1 additional rocket.LEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S LEG ARMOR
QUARTERMASTER3Fixing WaveFixing Wave: Activating the skill replenishes one weapon magazine for each ally. Cooldown of 45 seconds.LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S FOOTGEAR
RAIN OF PAINPain LauncherPain Launcher: Decreases the skill's cooldown by X%.LEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S BOOTS
ROCKET MAN3Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: You can shoot 3 additional rocketsLEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S MASK
SHARP EYE3Firepower IncreaseKilling enemies while aiming down sights grants you 459 Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 timesLEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE BOREALIS MONARCH
SPARE MAG1Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: The skill is effective for one additional magazine before trigging the cooldown.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S TROUSERS
SPECIAL DELIVERYTool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Increase the rockets' explosion radius by X%.LEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S LEG ARMOR
SPLASH BOOSTBlighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: Increases the splash effect radius of successful shots by X%.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S SKULL
SUPPLIES1ScrapnelScrapnel: 1 additional mine can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S FOOTGEAR
SURPRISE1Cryo TurretCryo Turret: The turret explodes before being destroyed, dealing x damage in 5 meter radius.LEGENDARY:
TO THE BONE3Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: When the skill is activated, increase Anomaly Power by X% for Y seconds.LEGENDARY - PLAGUE SOWER'S COAT
TRAP CLUSTER3ScrapnelScrapnel: Doubles the number of mines that can be thrown before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR'S ARMOR
TRICK UP THE SLEEVE1Blighted RoundsBlighted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots grant you 30% extra bullets in your mag.LEGENDARY:
TWINSCryo TurretCryo Turret: Two turrets can be placed before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - CROWN OF THE BOREALIS MONARCH
UNTOUCHABLE1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Activating the skill grants 15% Resistance bonus.
UPGRADED GUN1Tool Of DestructionTool Of Destruction: Active skill grants 20% Resistance and Penetration bonusLEGENDARY - GRIM INVENTOR'S MASK

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