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Listed here are all the various devastator mods you can get in Outriders. Use this list to find the right mod that fits your devastator build. Some of them are only available on legendary gear, see “static on” column for details on those.

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This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

ARMOR BOOST1EarthquakeGrants you 3950 points of Armor for each enemy affected by the skill. Effect lasts for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
ASUNDEREarthquakeEarthquake: Using the skill permanently reduces the Armor of affected enemies by X%.
AUTO REFLECT1Reflect BulletsYou can now fight while the skill is active, but you cannot manually deactivate the skill. It only negates 50% of the damage.
BLEED THEM ALL1Endless MassEndless Mass: Inflicts Bleed on all the enemies pulled by the skill.LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S FOOTGEAR
BLEEDING IMPULSE1GolemGolem: When the skill is active, spawn radial impulses that inflict bleed on nearby enemies within a 6 meter radius. Frequency of 2 seconds.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S FEET
BLOOD PRIMER1Reflect BulletsAll the reflected bullets apply Bleed status.
BLOOD SHOCK1EarthquakeInflicts Bleed on enemies affected by the skillLEGENDARY - SEISMIC COMMANDER'S HELMET
BLOODY CRUSH1Gravity LeapInflicts Bleed on enemies damaged by the skill.
BONE CRUSHER1Endless MassEndless Mass: Increases the skill's damage by X.LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S WAISTCLOTH
BULLET ACCELERATION1Reflect BulletsIncreases the damage of reflected bullets by x.
CRUSH SEQUENCE1TremorTremor: Receive 2 additional explosions.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S TORSO
DESPAIR1Gravity LeapEnemies within the damage radius of Gravity Leap will receive double Anomaly damage for 5 seconds.LEGENDARY - GAUNTLETS OF THE CANNONBALL
DESPAIR3Gravity LeapGravity Leap: Enemies within the damage radius of Gravity Leap will receive X times more Anomaly damage for Y seconds.
DOUBLE JUMP3Gravity LeapGravity Leap: Skill can be used twice before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S GAUNTLETS
EARTH'S LEGACY1EarthquakeIncreases the skill's range by 60%LEGENDARY - SEISMIC COMMANDER'S ARMOR
EXTRA QUAKE1EarthquakeEarthquake: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
EXTRA TIME1Reflect BulletsReflect Bullets: Increases the skill's duration by 20%
GIVE ME MORE1TremorTremor: Receive 1 additional explosion.
GOLEM OF DEATH1GolemGolem: When the skill is active, extend it's duration by 1.5 seconds for each enemy killed.
GOLEM SQUAD3GolemGolem: Increases the skill's duration by X% and casts a Y% shorter version of Golem on your allies.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S LEGS
GRAND BLAST3TremorTremor: Increases the radius of each explosion by X%.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S HEAD
GROUND CRUSH1EarthquakeEarthquake:Increases the skill's base damage by 65.
HEAL PER KILL1EarthquakeEach enemy killed with the skill restores 10% of Health to all allies in a 20 meter radius around you.
HIGH INTENSITY3Endless MassEndless Mass: Anomaly Damage against affected targets is increased by X% for Y seconds.
HOLLOW POINT1Reflect BulletsReflect Bullets: All the reflected bullets apply Vulnerable status.
HUMAN COMET1Gravity LeapGravity Leap: Increases the skill's damage by [x].LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S ARMOR
HUMAN FORTRESS1TremorTremor: Receive [x] Health Regeneration and [y] Armor while the skill is active.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S HANDS
IMPALERImpaleImpale: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
INCREASE DURATION3Reflect BulletsIncreases the skill’s duration by 40%LEGENDARY: DEATHPROOF CHEST ARMOR
LIFE ABSORPTION1Gravity LeapGravity Leap: Heal for 100% of the damage dealt. If your target dies, heal for 200% damage dealt.LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S HELMET
LIFE OF THE PARTY3Reflect BulletsIncoming damage is reduced by 5% for each enemy in close range. Stacks up to 8 times.
MADE OF MARBLE3GolemGolem: When the skill is active, incoming bullets have [y]% chance to ricochet back at the enemy dealing [x] damage.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S FEET
MOSH PIT1Endless MassEndless Mass: Inflicts Vulnerable on all the enemies pulled by the skill.
NOT IMPRESSED3Prot ElitesReduces the damage taken from Elites by 20%LEGENDARY - DEATHPROOF LEG ARMOR
PALISADE3ImpaleThe skill can strike 2 additional targetsLEGENDARY - SEISMIC COMMANDER'S ARMOR
PANZER DRAIN1EarthquakeEarthquake: Damaging enemies with the skill steals 33% of their Armor. Effect lasts for 5 seconds.
PERSEVERANCE1GolemGolem: Increases the skill's duration by 50%LEGENDARY - STATUE'S HEAD
POWER OF THE STONES3TremorTremor: When the skill is active, allies are given a X% Weapon Damage bonus for Y seconds.LEGENDARY - STATUE'S TORSO
PRIMAL ARMOR1BoulderdashDouble your Armor when the skill ends for 10 seconds.LEGENDARY - DEATHPROOF CHEST ARMOR
PRIMAL CHAINBoulderdashBoulderdash: Every enemy damaged by the skill increases its damage by X% for Y seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
PRIMAL CHAINGUN3BoulderdashEvery enemy damaged by the skill increased your Weapon Damage by 20% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.LEGENDARY - DEATHPROOF MASK
PRIMAL CONSTITUTION1BoulderdashEach enemy you damage increases your Maximum Health by 307 for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.LEGENDARY - DEATHPROOF FOOTGEAR
PRIMAL GUTTING1Primal ChargeInflicts Bleed on all affected enemies.
PRIMAL KNUCKLE DUSTERBoulderdashBoulderdash: Increases the skill's damage by X.
PRIMAL RAGE1BoulderdashReduces the skill’s cooldown by 50%
PRIMAL WEAKNESS3BoulderdashPermanently reduces Resistance of all damaged enemies by 50%LEGENDARY - DEATHPROOF MASK
RESISTANCE1GolemGolem: When the skill is active, increase your Resistance by 33%
RESTORATION1ImpaleIncreases the Health Regeneration bonus for players near impaled enemies.
RIVERS OF BLOOD1ImpaleIncreases the skill damage by 50% to enemies afflicted with Bleed.
SECOND QUAKEEarthquakeEarthquake: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
SHARPENED SPIKE1ImpaleThe skill deals more damage.
SHATTERED ARMOR1Endless MassEndless Mass: Increases Weapon Damage against affected enemies by 10% for 10 secondsLEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S GAUNTLETS
SPIKE FOREST1ImpaleThe skill can strike 1 additional target.
STOLEN LIFE1TremorTremor: Increases the percentage healed per affected enemy by 6%LEGENDARY - STATUE'S LEGS
THE STRONGEST FIRST1Reflect BulletsThe enemy with the most health takes 50% more damage.
ULTIMATE IMPALER3ImpaleThe skill can be activated 2 more times before triggering the cooldownLEGENDARY - SEISMIC COMMANDER'S HELMET
VLAD'S GRASPImpaleImpale: Increases the skill's range by X%.
WIDE HORIZONS3Endless MassEndless Mass: Increase the skill's radius by 25%.LEGENDARY - MARSHAL'S HELMET

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