Upper Armor


Lists all the various upper armor, chest pieces currently available in the Outriders game.

upper armor / chest images

This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

Flores CryoSuit
Gravedigger's Coat
Battered Coat
Vagrant's Coat
Pathfinder's Coat
Interrogator's Jacket
Inquisitor's Uniform
Tarnished UniformCommon
Torturer's VestLegendary
Earthborn Renegade's JacketHell's Rangers
Terrestrial Jacket
Jacket of the Summit
Warden's Mantle
Elite Bodyguard's Uniform
Engine Liquidator's Mantle
Containment Overseer's Mantle
Ragged CoatCommon
Armor of the AcariLegendary
Veteran's Uniform
Scout's Uniform
Reinforced Mantle
Mantle of the Awakened
Behemoth Mantle
Brood Mother Mantle
Crude UniformCommon
Armor of the ReforgedLegendary
Warzone Wayfarer's Suit
Chief Engineer's Suit
Wraith's Vest
Scholar's Jacket
Battlefield Surgeon's Uniform
Mycologist's Suit
Weathered JacketCommon
Upper Robe of the Lava LichLegendary
Special Unit Armor
Armor of the Vanguard
Flores Watchkeeper's Mantle
Altered Reaper's Armor
Hunt Master's Fur Mantle
Yruuk Otarah's Upper Robes
Worn Body ArmorCommon
Armor of the Edge of TimeLegendary
Private's Uniform
Ashen Uniform
Commander's Vest
Mu-metal Jacket
Spirit Embalmer's Mantle
Ceremonial Mantle
Beat-up ArmorCommon
Trespasser's ArmorLegendary
Chronicler's Armor
Warlord's Armor
Armor of the Space Legion
Praetorian's Chest Armor
Augur's Mantle
Clairvoyant's Mantle
Upper ChronosuitLegendary
Pitch-black Jacket
Jacket of the Space Abyss
Outriders' Armor
Assassin's Mantle
Mantle of the Spacetime Pioneer
Robe of the Continuum Pilgrim
Ugake Otarah's TalismanLegendary
Paragon's Armor
Paladin's Chest Armor
Exosuit Chestpiece
Forest Chest Armor
Mantle of the First Altered
Tooka Chest Armor
Statue's TorsoLegendary
Patriarch's Vest
Law Bender's Vest
Overlord's Robe
Robe of the Stormrider
Robe of the Shaman Warlord
Enochian Outrider's Breastplate
Seismic Commander's ArmorLegendary
Deathproof Chest ArmorLegendary
Vest of the CannonballLegendary
Robe of the Borealis MonarchLegendary
Plague Sower's CoatLegendary
Grim Inventor's CoatLegendary
Torrential Downpour's ArmorLegendary
Ritualist's CapeLegendary
Predator's MantleLegendary
Marshal's ArmorLegendary
Robe of the Mortal EmbraceLegendary
Storm-torn OvercoatLegendary
Forest Expedition's ArmorLegendary
Elder Dueller's ArmorLegendary

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