Pyromancer Mods


Listed here are all the various pyromancer mods you can get in Outriders. Use this list to find the right mod that fits your pyromancer build. Some of them are only available on legendary gear, see “static on” column for details on those.

pyromancer mods list

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ANOMALY HUNGER1Feed the FlamesFeed the Flames: Increase the skill's damage by the value of your Skill Leech.
ARMOR MELTING1Volcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: Decreases the target's Armor by 20% for 10 secondsLEGENDARY - TORTURER'S MASK
ASH ARMOR DOWNAsh BlastAsh Blast: Decreases enemy Armor by X% for Y seconds.
ASH GRASP1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Inflict Ash on enemies within a 5 meter radius of an enemy that is about to explode from Thermal Bomb
ASH INCREASE RANGE1Ash BlastAsh Blast: Increases the skill's range by 100%
ASHEN CHAMPION3F.A.S.E.R BeamF.A.S.E.R Beam: Inflicts Ash on enemies instead of Burn. Each enemy hit boosts your Anomaly Power by X% for Y seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.LEGENDARY - HELMET OF THE LAVA LICH
ASHES AND LEECHES3Ash BlastAsh Blast: Using the skill increases your Weapon Leech bonus by X% for Y seconds.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S WAISTCLOTH
BIG BOOM1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Increases the explosion radius by 20%LEGENDARY - COWL OF THE REFORGED
BLACKSMITH1OverheatOverheat: Each status condition consumed by the skill grants [x] Armor bonus for 8 seconds.LEGENDARY - GAUNTLETS OF THE ACARI
BRANDED3Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Enemies affected by the skill recieve 40% more damage.LEGENDARY: ARMOR OF THE REFORGED
BULLET ABSORPTION1Feed The FlamesFeed the Flames: Increases the explosion radius by 20%LEGENDARY - ARMOR OF THE REFORGED
BURNING GROUND1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Exploding targets leave behind a patch of burning ground. All enemies within this area are afflicted with Burn and will receive 176 damage over 10 seconds.
BURNT-OUT1HeatwaveHeatwave: Damaged enemies take 35% more damage for 8 seconds.
CINDERS1OverheatOverheat: The skill consumes Ash instead of Burn.
DEATH SENTENCE3Ash BlastAsh Blast: Your Weapon Damage and Anomaly Damage against enemies affected by the skill are increased respectively by X% and Y% for Z seconds.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S MASK
DEBRISEruptionEruption: Throws damaging debris at enemies, dealing an additional X damage.
DETONATOR3OverheatOverheat: Decrease the skill's cooldown by 50%LEGENDARY - ARMOR OF THE ACARI
DOUBLE FUN3Thermal BombThermal Bomb: The skill can affect two targetsLEGENDARY - COWL OF THE REFORGED
EMBER SHIELD1OverheatOverheat: Each status consumed by the skill increases your Resistance by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.LEGENDARY - HELMET OF THE ACARI
EMPOWERMENT1Ash BlastAsh Blast: Skill deals additional X damage.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S FOOTGEAR
ETNA1EruptionEruption: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - CHARMS OF THE LAVA LICH
EXTINGUISHER1Ash BlastAsh Blast: Apply X damage to an enemy afflicted with Burn and consume the status.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S GLOVES
EXTRA MAG1Volcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: The skill is effective for one additional magazine before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S WAISTCLOTH
FINAL BREATH1Feed the FlamesFeed the Flames: Health drain efficiency is increased by 25%
FIRE EATER1Feed the FlamesFeed the Flames: Increases Health drain efficiency against targets afflicted with Burn by 125%
FIRE FRENZY1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: You can use the skill twice before triggering the cooldown
FIRE TSUNAMI3HeatwaveHeatwave: Increase the width of the fire wall.LEGENDARY - HELMET OF THE ACARI
FLAME GRASPER3Feed The FlamesFeed the Flames: Enables absorption of two additional targets.LEGENDARY - WAISTCLOTH OF THE REFORGED
FREQUENT F.A.S.E.RF.A.S.E.R BeamF.A.S.E.R Beam: Reduces the skill's cooldown by X%.
GIGA-BLAST1EruptionEruption: Increases the skill's radius by X%.LEGENDARY - UPPER ROBE OF THE LAVA LICH
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE1F.A.S.E.R BeamF.A.S.E.R Beam: Boosts your Health Regeneration by 50% for 5 seconds after the skill ends.
HEAT LEECH1HeatwaveHeatwave: Increase Skill Leech by10% for 5 seconds after using this skill.
HELLFIRE1HeatwaveHeatwave: If the skill damages 3 enemies, all subsequent enemies will receive additional [x] damage.LEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE ACARI
IMPROVED DAMAGE3EruptionEruption: Increases explosion damage by X.LEGENDARY - LOWER ROBE OF THE LAVA LICH
INCREASED DURATIONEruptionEruption: Increases the skill's duration by X%.
INFERNO WAVE1HeatwaveIncreases damage dealt to enemies from Heatwave
IRRADIATION WAVE1HeatwaveHeatwave: Inflicts Weakness on enemies affected by the skill.WAISTCLOTH OF THE ACARI
LASTING FIRE1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Increases the time in which killing an affected enemy will cause an explosion by 3 seconds.
LAVA SHOTSVolcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: Increase your Anomaly Power by X% while the skill is active.
MAGMA COAT1EruptionEruption: Increases the lava's damage over time by X.LEGENDARY - HELMET OF THE LAVA LICH
MASTER CONSUMEROverheatOverheat: The skill consumes either Fire or Ash status to deal damage. Consuming both at once increases the damage by X%.LEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE ACARI
NOVA1Feed The FlamesFeed the Flames: Increases the skill’s range by 100%.LEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE REFORGED
PANTS ON FIRE1OverheatOverheat: Increase by x the damage to enemies who were damaged by the skill, but did not have their status consumed.
PHOENIX FORCE1OverheatOverheat: Earn additional 25 Anomaly Power per status consumed by the skill for 8> seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
POMPEII1EruptionThe skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
POWER ASSIMILATION3Boosts your Anomaly Power by 192 for each Elite present on the battlefield.
PURE POWER1F.A.S.E.R. BeamF.A.S.E.R. Beam: Increases the skill's damage by [x].LEGENDARY - CHARMS OF THE LAVA LICH
RADIATION FLAMES1Volcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: Enemies damaged with the skill are afflicted with Weakness.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S VEST
RELOAD BOOST1Volcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: A powerful, 50% Weapon Power bonus is granted after the skill ends for 5 seconds.
RIDE THE WAVE1HeatwaveHeatwave: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
SIZE MATTERS1F.A.S.E.R BeamF.A.S.E.R Beam: Increases the beam's radius by X%LEGENDARY - LOWER ROBE OF THE LAVA LICH
STRENGTH FROM FIRE3HeatwaveHeatwave: Using the skill grants Y seconds X% Weapon Damage bonus for each affected enemy.LEGENDARY - GAUNTLETS OF THE ACARI
SUNBURNT1OverheatOverheat: Increase by 46 the damage to enemies that have their statuses consumed by the skill.
SUSCEPTIBILITY3Volcanic RoundsVolcanic Rounds: Decreases the Resistance of enemies damaged by the skill by X%.LEGENDARY - TORTURER'S VEST
THIRD DEGREE1OverheatOverheat: Increase Weapon Damage against enemies damaged by the skill by 25% for 8 seconds.
TIDAL WAVE1HeatwaveHeatwave: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.LEGENDARY - ARMOR OF THE ACARI
TRUE BLAST1Thermal BombThermal Bomb: Increases explosion damage by [x].
VOLCANIC ARMOR1F.A.S.E.R BeamF.A.S.E.R Beam: Reduces incoming Anomaly Damage by X% and Weapon Damage by Y% when the skill is active.LEGENDARY - BOOTS OF THE LAVA LICH
VOLCANIC DUSTEruptionEruption: Inflict Ash on enemies within a X meter radius of the targeted enemy.
WIDE GRIP1Feed the FlamesFeed the Flames: Enables absorption of one additional target.
WILDFIRE1Thermal BombThe skill inflicts Burn on explosion.LEGENDARY: WAISTCLOTH OF THE REFORGED

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