Pros and Cons of each race


Pro's and Con's for races in EVE Online

Here are the pro’s and con’s of the different races in EVE Online. Use this guide to get a feeling for which race you will be choosing for alpha clones.
First difference between the races is the look of the characters.

Click on the following screenshots to view a larger image of basic character looks.
amarr-avatar-bloodlinescaldari-avatar-bloodlinesgallente-avatar-bloodlinesminmatar-avatar-bloodlinesPlease note: the character editor has an extreme amount of options to change how your avatar can look from different hair styles, clothing and more.

Second major difference between the races are the general ship bonuses, weapons and tanking profiles. Please note this will be very brief overview on each race with the pros and cons.



  • Lasers – energy weapons which need crystal type of ammo.
    Tech 1 crystals do not break, crystals do EM/Therm Damage.

    • Beam Lasers – Long Range, low capacitor usage, good damage per volley
    • Pulse Lasers – Short Range, high capacitor usage, high damage
  • Armor Tank
  • Drones
  • Electronic Warfare
    • Weapon Disruption
    • Energy Destabilization


  • Limited damage types
  • Slow movement
  • High capacitor requirements



  • Missiles
    Can do EM,Therm, EXP, Kin damage depending on which type of missiles loaded into tubes.
  • Hybrid Turrets
    Ammo types can do Kin, Therm damage.

    • Blasters – Short Range, high damage
    • Railguns – Long Range, low damage
  • Shield Tanks
    • Passive Regen
    • Active Shield
    • Buffer Shield
  • Electronic Warfare
    • Electronic Counter Measures


  • Missiles have a flight time, your damage is not instant
  • Hybrid ammo limited damage type
  • Majority shield tanks, weak against EM damage



  • Drones
  • Hybrid Turrets
    Ammo types can do Kin, Therm damage.

    • Blasters – Short Range, high damage
    • Railguns – Long Range, low damage
  • Armor Tank
  • Additional Industry Hauler type of ships.
  • Electronic Warfare
    • Sensor Dampening


  • Drone Travel time, vulnerable to being destroyed
  • Drone Skill requirements high
  • Hybrid ammo limited damage type



  • Projectile Weapons
    Different ammo types can do EM,Therm,Kin, Exp damage but with trade offs to optimal range and tracking.

    • Autocannons – Short Range, high damage
    • Artillery – Long Range, low damage, good damage per volley
  • Speed
  • Armor Tank / Shield Tank
  • Electronic Warfare
    • Target Painting


  • High Skill requirements
  • Ships generally have lower hit points then other races

Each race specializes in a particular form for electronic warfare.

  • Amarr – Tracking Disruption which causes enemy ships guns to turn slower and/or reduce the (optimal/falloff) range..
    • Amarr Ships with bonuses to TD
      • Crucifier – Amarr Frigate
      • Arbitrator – Amarr Cruiser
      • T2 Variants
  • Caldari – Electronic Counter Measures which prevents enemy ships from locking on to targets.
    • Caldari Ships with bonuses to ECM
      • Griffin – Caldari Frigate
      • Blackbird – Caldari Cruiser
      • Scorpion – Caldari Battleship
      • T2 Variants
  • Gallente – Sensor Dampening which causes enemies target range to be shorter and/or longer locking times.
    • Gallente Ships with bonuses to SD
      • Maulus – Gallente Frigate
      • Celestis – Gallente Cruiser
      • T2 Variants
  • Minmatar – Target Painting which causes enemy ship’s signature radius to increase thus making them easier to hit and take more damage.
    • Minmatar Ships with bonuses to TP
      • Vigil – Minmatar Frigate
      • Bellicose – Minmatar Cruiser
      • T2 Variants

Additional Resources

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