What to do in EVE Online?


This will be a overview guide on the many different paths and careers you can do in EVE Online. Its a work in progress and I will be continually updating as new options are available.

What to do in EVE Online by DaOpa.

Main Branches

  • PVP – player vs player
    • Solo
      • Hunt for pirates, suspects, kill rights, bounties
      • Scout areas for enemy moments and activities.
      • Spying
        Infiltrate enemy corps and alliances, become a member and earn trust. Sign into their forums and gather all intel possible.
        Get a cloak on your ship and go spy on enemy operations hidden from sight.
      • Join NBSI (not blue, shoot it) public fleets
      • Join Factional Warfare
        Sign up to one of the faction militia’s corps and hunt down opposing factions players.
    • Corporation
      • Join a PVP corporation
        Depending on which one you join many pvp options open up such as mercenary work, structure / citadel bashing, hot drops
    • Alliance
      • Diplomat
        Relationships are key to holding a alliance together, be the agent that makes the back room deals.
      • Fleet Commander (FC)
        Lead a fleet of other pilots for various objectives.
      • Defense Fleet
        Be part of fleets guarding sov space or areas your corp members accompany.
      • Sov Warfare
        Fight with your alliance to protect your coalition or to conquer other areas of space.
        Entosis Operations – specialized in the task of entosising during sov related event timers.
    • Piracy
      • Gate Camping
        Hang around gates waiting for possible targets to attack.
      • Suicide Ganking
        Use high dps ship to target other ships before concord police kills you.
      • Ransoming
        Hold another ship or pod hostage and requesting ISK to be transferred over in order to be let go.
      • Ninja Looting
        Stealing items, wreaks, loot from other players.
  • PVE – player vs environment
    • Missions
      • Anomic / Burner
        Optional level 4 security agent missions, high difficultly rating assignments, may be declined with no standings loss.
      • Career
        Tutorial type of missions
      • Distribution
      • Epic Arc
        Series of missions that follow a story split up in chapters.
      • Factional Warfare
        Join a militia and fight against opposing militias
      • Mining
        Mine special asteroids and bring them back to the agent
      • Courier
      • R&D
        Research missions that prove a small amount of research points, which is used to buy datacores.
      • Security
        Missions revolving mostly around combat related tasks
      • Storyline
        Single Run Missions that provide large Empire standing boosts
    • Exploration
      • Data Sites
        Use Data analyzer to hack containers for components, blueprint copies, skill books and more.
      • Relic Sites
        Use relic analyzer to salvage the derelict ships and other floating objects for tech 1 / 2 salvage components.
      • Sleeper Caches
        Rare cosmic signature sites with a maze of trouble, but rewards storyline blueprint copies and other rare components.
      • Combat Sites
        Hidden combat pockets of pirates which will have a greater chance for more valuable items and blueprint copies from commander spawns.
      • Ghost Sites
        Timed mini hacking sites, get in fast, hack what you can and get out before reinforcements show up. Due note, on failure to successfully hack the container will cause aoe damage which scales depending on sec.
      • Gas Sites
        Hidden gas cloud sites, bring a venture with gas mining skill to harvest these clouds in order to make boosters.
      • Wormholes
        See wormhole section.
    • Ratting
      • Asteroid Belt Pirates
        Travel to asteroid belts and hunt down npc pirates.
      • Cosmic Anomalies
        Hunt down npc pirates via anomalies that populate in your probe scanner
      • Dynamic NPC Miners and reinforcements
        Hunt down npc miner ships with friends at asteroid belts, destroy the hauler and get a chance at a strong box with loot inside but be careful of the reinforcements.
      • Incursions
        Requires fleet, teamwork to repel pirate incursions.
      • Season Events
        Lore Events that spawn engagements in all known space.
    • Incursions
      • High Security Space
        Requires fleet and teamwork, high isk per hour if you are able to find a seasoned group that runs these all the time.
      • Low/Null Security Space
        Requires fleet and teamwork, more risky due to being in low / null sec space but also greater chance at unique blueprint drop.
    • Wormholes
      • Exploration
      • Mapping
        Mapping systems and creating chains of data in order to navigate thru wormholes.
      • Ratting
        Sleeper NPCs are found in wormhole space
      • Colonization
        Setup a citadel and create a base of operations.
      • Shattered Systems
        Special wormholes with planets that are all destroyed.
      • Drifter Hives
        Special wormholes with drifter spawns and unique hive complexes.
  • Industry
    • Production
      • Tech Ships / Items
        Build T1, T2,T3 Ships, Items
      • Structures
        Create citadels with components / pi products.
      • Boosters
        Boosters are performance enhancement drugs, use resources from gas harvesting to make these items.
      • Blueprints
        Buy Blueprints, Research them, create copies for personal, corp or for selling to others.
    • Market
      • Station Trading
        Buy low, sell high
      • Regional Trading
        Buy items from Trade hubs and move them to hotspots in different regions for a mark up.
      • Scalping
      • Speculation
        Buy items based on assumptions of future changes to resell at a later date for a markup.
      • Scamming
    • Hauling
      • Freighter
        Use freighters to move ships and goods around
      • Jump Freighter
        Use the jump drive to travel long distances into deep space.
      • Logistics
        Accept courier contracts and move goods to required places.
    • Extraction
      See mining
  • Mining
    • Asteroids
      Mine ores in asteroid fields
    • Moons
      Moon Harvest via POS with harvesters
    • Gas
      Extract gas from hidden gas clouds
    • Ice
      Mine ice from ice anomaly sites
    • Planets
      Planetary Interaction, the extraction of resources from planet surfaces.
      Factories can also be placed on planets to convert base planet resources into products of various tiers.
  • Player Driven
    • Setup a corporation
      Create a corporation and start recruiting others
    • Form alliances
      Join other corporations to form alliances, their is strength in numbers.
    • Role-playing
      EVE’s Lore is very extensive, roleplay a character in the ever changing landscape of the lore.
    • Scamming
    • In-game Events
    • Journalism
    • Third Party Services
    • Streaming
      Broadcast your adventure on one of the many live stream platforms.

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