How to retroactively get the free 1 million skill point offer


So EVE Online currently offers 1 million skill points to all new accounts via its buddy program.  If you so happened to sign up directly with out using a referral link, you do not get the free 1 million skill points. Missing out on the 1 million skill points bonus is pretty unfortunate, lucky for you there is a chance to get the offer via this method.

Click on our buddy link –

Then go to the section that says “Already have an account? Log in to become a recruit” and click on the logon to become a recruit.

If this doesn’t work correctly you can try using the previous method posted below.

Here is how to retroactively get that 1 million skill points added to your account. One million skill points is about 20 days of training which will be a really big boost to any new player coming into EVE Online.

Step 1
Login to the support eve online portal

Step 2
Once successfully logged in via your EVE Account, click on the submit a request button.


Step 3
On the submit a request screen select the follow options:

  • Select Type – Billing & Account
  • Category – Recruit a Friend
  • Username – This should automatically be filled out because of you logged into your eve account.
  • Character – This will auto show your character name, if you have more then one character, make sure to select the one that you want the free 1 million sp to go to.
  • Subject – Write in the following or a similar phrase:
    We missed the free 1 million skill point offer, please assist.
  • Description – Write in the following:
    Offer link –
    Buddy – DaOpa

retroactively get 1 million skill points

Step 4
Click on the submit button, also note this is a unofficial way that may not be fully supported for all accounts.

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  2. Thank you for providing such a clear and concise guide on how to retroactively claim the free 1 million skill points in EVE Online. Your instructions were very easy to follow and I was able to claim my reward with no issues. I appreciate the help and I’m sure many others will find this guide useful as well.

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