Pashan’s Turret Mindlink drops

Where do the “Pashan’s Turret Handling Mindlink” and “Pashan’s Turret Customization Mindlink” implants drop?

Pashans Turret Customization MindlinkPashans Turret Handling Mindlink

At the Rakogh Administration Complex DED 5/10 in 3GD6-8, last room off of the Citadel structure.

Video clip showing Pashan’s Turret Handling Mindlink droping:


Additional Information about the Rakogh Administration Complex:

  • Two gates when you enter the pocket, left side called “Gate to a Rakogh Rock Belt”, right side called “Gate to the Cargo Storage Facility
  • Left side is unlocked, right side is locked.
  • The Key to open up right comes from a Overseer spawn on the left side second pocket.
  • Find the Overseer here named Pashan’s Battle-Commander, should always drop a key named, “Rakogh Officer Gate” and a 19th Tier Overseers token. Use the Rakogh Officer Gate drop to go thru the gate to the cargo storage facility.
  • Intel says NPC Overseer doesn’t automatically spawn right after downtime, you have to wait a couple of hours for it to show up.
  • It appears to have a 4 to 6 hour respawn timer.
  • You can bypass the NPCs once you get the key in the starter pocket
  • Citadel once destroyed will not respawn until next downtime.

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