EVE Online Havok Expansion Unleashes Pirate Insurgence: LP Store Updates Revealed


The EVE Online gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the Havok expansion has just been unleashed, bringing a wave of changes and updates to the game. Among the major highlights of this expansion are the significant updates to the LP (Loyalty Points) Store database, particularly in relation to the Pirate Insurgent LP Stores. Let’s delve into the details of the patch notes and explore the exciting new opportunities for players within the realm of piracy.

pirate faction lp store

Pirate Insurgent LP Stores: One of the most notable changes introduced by the Havok expansion is the overhaul of the LP Stores associated with Guristas Pirates and the Angel Cartel. The notorious Guristas Shipyards and Sotiyos will no longer spawn as before, and the rewards traditionally associated with them will now be integrated into the new LP store system. However, Blood Raider Shipyards will continue to make their appearances in the wild.

Access to the new LP stores for players enlisted with either the Angel Cartel or the Guristas Pirates can be gained through the Pirate Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the insurgency or in Zarzakh. To further incentivize players to engage in insurgency gameplay, LP points can be earned for these stores.

Exclusive Ship Blueprints: The Pirate LP stores offer exclusive access to a range of ship blueprints, each varying in cost and rarity. Notable among these blueprints are the Mekubal, Khizriel, Azariel, Mamba, Alligator, Loggerhead, Caiman, and the mighty Komodo. These blueprints are priced based on their uniqueness and power, with costs ranging from 12,000 LP and 3.5 million ISK to a staggering 150,000,000 LP and 150 billion ISK per blueprint copy.

Discounted Ship Blueprints: In addition to the exclusive blueprints, the Pirate LP stores feature heavily discounted ship blueprints for popular vessels like the Dramiel, Cynabal, Machariel, Worm, Gila, and Rattlesnake. These blueprints offer players the opportunity to acquire powerful ships at a fraction of their usual cost, ranging from 4,000 LP and 2 million ISK to 100,000 LP and 20 million ISK per blueprint copy.

Unique Pirate Modules: The Pirate LP stores go beyond ship blueprints, offering players unique opportunities to acquire pirate modules such as Domination Gyrostabilizers and Dread Guristas Ballistic Control Systems. These modules provide an edge in battles and enhance the overall gameplay experience for those willing to explore the depths of piracy.

Additional Offerings: Beyond ships and modules, the Pirate LP stores include a variety of items such as datacores, ammunition, and hardwirings. This comprehensive selection ensures that players can find everything they need to bolster their arsenals and engage in the thrilling world of piracy.

Conclusion: The EVE Online Havok expansion has not only introduced new challenges through the Pirate Insurgency but has also provided players with exciting opportunities to enhance their gameplay through the revamped LP Stores. Whether it’s exclusive ship blueprints, discounted vessels, or unique pirate modules, the expanded LP Stores add a new layer of depth and excitement to the ever-evolving universe of EVE Online. Pirates, prepare to set sail and claim your rewards!

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