Event Announcement: Uncover Zarzakh’s Secrets with ‘The Fulcrum’ Activation


The enigmatic entity known as The Deathless is calling upon you for assistance in a quest to unlock the hidden mysteries of Zarzakh. This event invites you to power up ‘The Fulcrum,’ a mysterious device with untold potential. In return for your aid, you’ll be handsomely rewarded with Deathless Circle Reward Tokens, which can be used in loyalty point stores to gain early access to brand-new destroyer designs crafted by none other than the Guristas Pirates and the Angel Cartel. Alternatively, you can opt to sell these tokens for a tidy profit at designated Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates NPC stations.

deathless leader

Here’s how you can take part in this thrilling adventure:

  1. Venture into Drifter Hives: Brave the treacherous depths of Drifter Hives, where ancient guardian entities dwell. Your goal is to collect various elements from different hives and combine them into powerful Coalesced Elements. Keep in mind that these sites are designed for groups of well-equipped capsuleers and pose significant dangers. Alternatively, savvy entrepreneurs might find Coalesced Elements available on the market from fellow capsuleers who have already explored these hives.
  2. Explore Wormhole Space: In all classes of wormhole space, scan for sleeper relic and data sites bearing the prefixes “Forgotten” and “Unsecured.” These sites hold Element Containment Vessels in relic sites and Element Control Data in data sites. Beware, as these sites are guarded by Sleeper NPCs, requiring combat readiness.
  3. Combine Your Discoveries: Once you’ve acquired a Coalesced Element, an Element Containment Vessel, and an Element Control Data item, make your way to Zarzakh. There, you’ll find a new ‘access’ option available for depositing all three components into ‘The Fulcrum.’ Your reward awaits – a Deathless Circle Loyalty Token.
  4. Redeem Your Token: Take your Deathless Circle Loyalty Token to any Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates station. Inside their Loyalty Point Store, you can exchange it for a one-run Blueprint Copy (BPC) of either the Mekubal or Mamba spaceship, depending on your preference.
  5. Profit Opportunity: Alternatively, you can choose to sell Element Containment Vessels, Element Control Data, or Deathless Circle Loyalty Tokens directly to the Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates at their stations. They’ll generously reward you with ISK, offering 5 million ISK for each Element Containment Vessel and Element Control Data item and a substantial 50 million ISK for each Deathless Circle Loyalty Token.

Prepare for an exciting journey into the unknown, Capsuleers! Help The Deathless activate ‘The Fulcrum’ and reap the rewards while unraveling the secrets of Zarzakh. May your adventures be profitable and your battles victorious.

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