Major Update to EVE Online Loyalty Points Database: Key Changes and New Additions


Huge changes happened for the Equinox expansion update for EVE Online. Our Loyalty Points (LP) database has been updated and here are the changes we made!

All ship hulls from LP stores have been marked as not available anymore.

New Blueprints Added to LP Stores

24th Imperial Crusade:

State Protectorate:

Federation Defense Union:

Tribal Liberation Force:

Other Notable Additions

  • ‘Legion’ Auto-Targeting Missiles: Now available in the Mordu’s Legion LP Store for LP and ISK costs equivalent to existing missiles of the same size.
  • Guri Malakim Command Mindlink: Available in the Commando Guri and Malakim Zealot LP stores located in Zarzakh or the insurgency FOBs. Costs: 100,000 LP, 100,000,000 ISK, and 1x Skirmish Command Mindlink, 1x Information Command Mindlink.
  • Upwell Starship Engineering [x5]: Available for 10,000,000 ISK and 15,000 LP at Factional Warfare Empire Militia LP Stores.
  • NET Resonator: Available at each Pirate Faction LP Store.

Adjustments to LP Offers for Pirate Hull Blueprints

  • Cynabal, Ashimmu, Gila, Orthrus, Phantasm, Vigilant: Reduced from 80,000 to 40,000 LP
  • Dramiel, Cruor, Worm, Garmur, Succubus, Daredevil: Reduced from 20,000 to 10,000 LP
  • Machariel, Bhaalgorn, Rattlesnake, Barghest, Nightmare, Vindicator Blueprints: Reduced from 400,000 to 100,000 LP

These updates are designed to streamline the LP store offerings and provide capsuleers with new and exciting blueprint options. Happy flying and may your new blueprints serve you well in the vast expanse of New Eden!

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