EVE Online Heist Shatters Records: Jay Amazingness Pilfers Trillions in ISK and Decimates Goonswarm


In a stunning turn of events, Jay Amazingness, with the help of their alt Moody Princess, has recently masterminded one of the most daring heists ever witnessed in EVE Online. The enormity of the pilfered assets is nothing short of staggering, with estimates placing the loot’s value anywhere between 4 to 6 trillion ISK. The illicit haul includes a myriad of ships, items, and an undisclosed quantity of blueprints, all clandestinely seized from the very core of Goonswarm Federation headquarters.

stolen capital ships

Adding further to the audacity of this grand larceny, Jay Amazingness left a path of devastation in their wake, obliterating an astonishing 52,670 clones, each carrying implant values soaring into the hundreds of millions to billions of isks, compounding the already substantial impact of the heist.

52670 clones destroyed eve online

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