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Listed here are all the various trickster mods you can get in Outriders. Use this list to find the right mod that fits your trickster build. Some of them are only available on legendary gear, see “static on” column for details on those.

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This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

A LITTLE BIT OF PAIN1Time RiftTime Rift: Using the skill deals X damage over Y seconds to affected targets.
ADDITIONAL MAG1Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: The skill is effective for 2 magazines before triggering cooldownLEGENDARY - UPPER CHRONOSUIT
AGGRESSIVE TELEPORTATION3Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Reverting time creases an explosion around you that inflicts x damage to all enemies in range of 8 meters.LEGENDARY - CHRONOSUIT MASK
AMMO BARGAIN3Twisted RoundsWhile the skill is active, killing shots replenish 20% of ammo in your magazineLEGENDARY - LOWER CHRONOSUIT
AND ANOTHER ONE3Time RiftTime Rift: Shots on enemies affected by the skill do not consume ammo.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S BRITCHES
ANOMALIC CALIBER1Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: Receive 30% Resistance Piercing bonus while the skill is active.
ANOMALY CUT1Venator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Shots on enemies marked by the knife receive x anomaly damage
APPLY SHIELD1Temporal BladeTemporal Blade: Killing enemies with Temporal Blade grants 5%
ARMOR OF EONS1Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time: While the skill is active, increases weapon’s Firepower by an additional 15%LEGENDARY - LOWER CHRONOSUIT
BACKSTABBER1Hunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Using the skill deals [x] damage to the enemy you teleported behindLEGENDARY - UGAKE OTARAH'S ARM WRAPS
BIG RANGE1Slow TrapSlow Trap: Increases the sphere's range by 1 meters.
BLUE BLOOD1Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: Receive 10% Weapon Leech bonus while the skill is active.
BOOMERANG BLADESVenator's KnifeVenator's Knife: After the initial ricochet, the knife will repeat its path and damage enemies a second time.LEGENDARY - UGAKE OTARAH'S WAISTCLOTH
CUT LOOSE1Temporal BladeReduces temporal slice's cooldown
DAMAGE MITIGATION3Slow TrapSlow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 20% less damageLEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S ARMOR
DANCE OF DEATH1Hunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Decreases Hunt The Prey's cooldown by [x]%.LEGENDARY - UGAKE OTARAH'S TALISMAN
DEATH SHELL3Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Killing enemies while Borrowed Time is active reduces incoming Weapon Damage by 10% and Anomaly Damage by 10 % for 10 seconds, Buff is removed at the end of the skill. Stacks up to 4 times.LEGENDARY - UPPER CHRONOSUIT
DELIVERY ON TIME3Slow TrapSlow Trap: Activating the skill replenishes ammo for the current weapon of all allies in rangeLEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S COWL
DOUBLE SLICETemporal BladeTemporal Blade: Damaged enemies are additionaly cut with an Anomalic slice dealing X% damage.
DOUBLE STOP1Temporal BladeIncreases the duration of the inflicted paralysis by 100%
DOUBLE TIMETime RiftTime Rift: Enemies are suspended in the air X times longer.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S TALONS
DURATIONCyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Adds X seconds to the skill's duration.
EAGER EDGESVenator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Adds two more bounces during the ricochet path.
GEIGER'S WAVETime RiftTime Rift: Every enemy affected by the wave receives Vulnerable status.
GRAND BASTION1Cyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Using the skill reduces incoming Weapon Damage and Anomaly Damage by 35%
GUNSHIELDBorrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Receive X Firepower while the skill is active.
HEALING SLICE1Cyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Receive 47 Health for each enemy killed with the skill.
INSTANT RELOADHunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Teleporting instantly replenishes magazine in your current weapon.
LIFE DRAIN3Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots heal you by X% of your target's health.LEGENDARY - CHRONOSUIT GLOVES
LONG RANGE1Time RiftTime Rift: Triples the skill's range.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S COWL
MISERYVenator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Increases the skill's mark duration by X%.
NO ESCAPE1Venator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Increases the skills' effective range between target's by 25%
PAIN TRANSFER3Time RiftTime Rift: [x]% of Weapon damage and [y]% of Anomaly damage dealt to one affected enemy will be transferred to another affected enemy.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S TALONS
POWER RIPPERTemporal BladeTemporal Blade: Every second Cyclone Slice is active increases the damage of Temporal Blade the next time you use it.
RADIATION JUMP1Hunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Inflict Vulnerable to the enemy you teleport behind.
REBOUNDCyclone SliceCyclone Slice: While the skill is active, reflect 50% of incoming bullets back at the enemy.
SHARPENING1Venator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Increases the skills damage by [x].UGAKE OTARAH'S BOOTS
SHIELD EVOKER1Cyclone SliceKilling enemies with the skill grants 5% shield
SHIELD OF THE FALLEN3Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: When the skill ends, add [x]% of your Maximum Health as Shields for each enemy killed by the skill.LEGENDARY - CHRONOSUIT FOOTGEAR
SHORT-TERM LOAN1Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Reduces the skill's cooldown by X%.LEGENDARY - CHRONOSUIT GLOVES
SLASHER1Temporal BladeTemporal Blade: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
SNIPER BLADESVenator's KnifeVenator's Knife: Increases the skill's range by X%.LEGENDARY - UGAKE OTARAH'S TALISMAN
SPEED BOOST1Slow TrapSlow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 25% movement speed bonus.
SPEED UP1Cyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Allows 25% faster movement while the skill is active.
STARE INTO THE BARREL1Firepower BuffGrants a moderate Firepower increase for each enemy in close range
STRETCHED TIMEBorrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Increases the skill's duration by X%.
STRONG SLICETemporal BladeTemporal Blade: Increases the skill's damage by X.
STRONG TWIST1Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: While the skill is active, increases weapon’s Firepower by an additional 15%LEGENDARY - CHRONOSUIT MASK
TEMPORAL ARMORTemporal BladeTemporal Blade: Boosts Armor by X% for each affected enemy. Lasts Y seconds. Stacks up to {TERTIARYEXTRADATA} times.
THUNDER DOME1Slow TrapSlow Trap: Receive 100% Shield when the skill ends.
TIME CRACK1Time RiftEnemies affected by the skil have both their armor and resistance decreased by 25% for 5 seconds
TIME SPACE PROTECTION1Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time: Receive armor and 30% resistance bonus while the skill is active
TIMEBLASTHunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Apply Slow in X meter radius around the enemy you teleport behind.LEGENDARY - UGAKE OTARAH'S WAISTCLOTH
TWISTED FATE1Twisted RoundsTwisted Rounds: Receive 30% Critical Damage bonus while the skill is active.
ULTIMATE BIG RANGE1Slow TrapSlow Trap: Increases the sphere range by 2 meters.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S ARMOR
ULTIMATE DURATIONCyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Adds X seconds to the skill's duration.
WEAKENING THE PREY1Hunt The PreyHunt The Prey: Interrupt and inflict Weakness to the enemy you teleport behind.
WEAKENING ZONE2Slow TrapSlow Trap: Enemies within the sphere are afflicted with Weakness.LEGENDARY - TRESPASSER'S BOOTS
WEAKLINGS1Temporal BladeInflicts weakness on enemies hit by Temporal Slice
WIND SLASHCyclone SliceCyclone Slice: Increase the skill's damage by X.

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