List of Special Recipes


Discover a variety of food and drink recipes in Once Human, spread across the game’s strongholds. These special recipes can be found in different places throughout the game world. If you need help locating them, check out our interactive map or watch our YouTube playlist to see exactly where each recipe is hiding. Enhance your gaming experience by trying out these tasty virtual treats and adding an extra layer of fun to your Once Human adventure.

Stardust Raspberry Shaved Ice50-100For every 10% sanity loss, gain a 10% Psi Intensity bonus, up to a maxiumum 50%.
Bone-In Deviated Sausage50-200Psi Intensity +25% for 3 seconds after using a throwable
Bacon Burger50Stamina cap increased by 30; instantly recover all Stamina when HP is below 30%, cooldown 40s.
Herbal Tea45250Pollution Resistance Increased by 20, Slowly Recover Sanity When Out of Combat
Canned Seafood In Oil40Chance to get a 66%,666%, or 6666% yield bonus for the final strike of mining or gathering
Starry Pumpkin Pie50Max Load +5 with every 10 Energy, DMG Reduction +2% with every 20 Max Load, capping at 20%
Signature Ice Brew50300Sanity decreases rapidly in the Pollution Zone, and the speed is significantly reduced. Sanity recovers over time when not in combat.
Ice Tea45200Roll Speed increased by 25%, Movement Speed boosted by 20% for 2 seconds after rolling
Honey Glazed Meat50Gains 16% DMG Reduction when HP is below 50%, with 50% more DMG Reduction when HP is below 25%
Creamy Spaghetti Soup Can1035Gathering Speed Boost: 25%, Load Capacity Increases: 25
Cold Pumpkin Soup2030Max Load +25; when Load is over 80, Movement Speed +10%, Stamina cost -15%
Stardust Energy Drink50-100Gain a Leap Effect every 20 seconds, Consume Leap Effect to make your next roll cost no stamina or increase your next jump height by 100%
Borscht Deluxe1535Max Stamina +25, Stamina Recovery Speed +30%
Canned Meat1050Truck Damage Reduction Increased by 15%

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