once human recipe list

List of all cooking and drink recipes

Presented below are the comprehensive cooking and drink recipes available in the Once Human game. Each entry includes the name of the dish or beverage, followed by its associated energy, hydration, and sanity values, along with the primary buff effect, bonus effect, and the required resources or costs for crafting. This comprehensive list provides players […]

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Once Human NA Server List

CBT3 Server List Revealed

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of Once Human, the excitement reaches new heights with the announcement of the server list for the upcoming beta event, known as CBT3 (Closed Beta Test 3). For avid gamers residing in North America (NA) and Europe (EU), here’s a glimpse into the server names that will […]

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kitchen set recipes

List of Special Recipes

Discover a variety of food and drink recipes in Once Human, spread across the game’s strongholds. These special recipes can be found in different places throughout the game world. If you need help locating them, check out our interactive map or watch our YouTube playlist to see exactly where each recipe is hiding. Enhance your […]

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Canned Meat Recipe

Canned Meat Delight!

🎮 Once Human Culinary Chronicles: Canned Meat Recipe Unveiled Embark on a culinary adventure in Once Human with this guide to discovering the coveted Canned Meat Recipe! In this 59-second video, uncover the secret location where this delectable recipe awaits. Enhance your survival skills, elevate your cooking game, and savor the delicious taste of success—watch […]

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