kitchen set recipes

List of Special Recipes

Discover a variety of food and drink recipes in Once Human, spread across the game’s strongholds. These special recipes can be found in different places throughout the game world. If you need help locating them, check out our interactive map or watch our YouTube playlist to see exactly where each recipe is hiding. Enhance your […]

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Canned Meat Recipe

Canned Meat Delight!

🎮 Once Human Culinary Chronicles: Canned Meat Recipe Unveiled Embark on a culinary adventure in Once Human with this guide to discovering the coveted Canned Meat Recipe! In this 59-second video, uncover the secret location where this delectable recipe awaits. Enhance your survival skills, elevate your cooking game, and savor the delicious taste of success—watch […]

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Morphic Hunt - Hidden Loot Crate Tip

Morphic Hunt & Loot Crate Tip!

🎮 Once Human Mastery Series: Morphic Hunt & Loot Crate Tip Become the ultimate hunter in Once Human with this expert tip on tackling morphic hunts with extreme regeneration! In this 1-minute video, discover a clever strategy using portable turrets to overcome the loot crate’s formidable healing abilities. Level up your gameplay and outsmart the […]

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Borscht Deluxe Recipe

Borscht Deluxe Recipe!

🍲 Guide to Gastronomic Excellence: Once Human Borscht Deluxe Recipe Embark on a delectable journey through Once Human with the Borscht Deluxe Recipe! This 1-minute guide unveils the location where you can unearth this savory gem. Enhance your culinary skills and treat your virtual taste buds to the richness of Borscht Deluxe—watch now! 📅 Uploaded: […]

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Stardust Energy Drink Recipe

Stardust Energy Drink Recipe Revealed!

✨ Guide to Galactic Energy: Once Human Stardust Energy Drink Recipe Quench your thirst for cosmic power with the Stardust Energy Drink in Once Human! This 56-second guide illuminates the precise location where you can uncover the recipe. Join the celestial adventure—watch now and infuse your gameplay with a sip of stardust vitality! 📅 Uploaded: […]

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Sunshine Farm Treasure Chest - 4x Memetic Points

Sunshine Farm Treasure Chest!

☀️ Guide to Glory: Once Human Sunshine Farm Treasure Chest Embark on an adventure to claim the ultimate rewards at Sunshine Farm in Once Human! This concise 46-second guide unveils the exact location of the treasure chest that grants 4 memetic points. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity—watch now and elevate your journey in […]

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Fortune Teller's Loot Crate

Fortune Teller’s Loot Crate!

🔮 Guide to Fortune: Once Human Fortune Teller’s Loot Crate Embark on a mystical journey to unlock the Fortune Teller’s Loot Crate in Once Human! This comprehensive 1-minute guide reveals the location and the key to access the mystical treasures within. Don’t miss out on the valuable rewards that await—watch now! 📅 Uploaded: January 2, […]

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Integrated Flash Hider location

Integrated Flash Hider Unveiled!

🔧 Unlock the Power: Once Human Integrated Flash Hider Discover the secrets behind enhancing your arsenal in Once Human with the Integrated Flash Hider. This concise 40-second guide provides you with the steps to unlock this powerful weapon accessory. Elevate your gameplay with improved performance and stealth—watch now! 📅 Uploaded: January 1, 2024 ⏱️ Duration: […]

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William The Manager

William The Manager’s Ghost Tour!

👻 Discover the Ghostly Charm: Once Human William The Manager Embark on a hauntingly delightful adventure as we introduce you to William The Manager, a ghostly character within Once Human. In this captivating 4-minute and 56-second video, experience a unique encounter with William, who takes you on a spectral tour. Uncover the mysteries, stories, and […]

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