Sansha Fortress

Combat Sites

Type: Combat Signature
Security: Nullsec
Region: Catch, Esoteria, Feythabolis, Impass, Paragon Soul, Providence, Stain
Pirate type: Sansha’s Nation

Upon warp-in there are:

Centus Plague Lord x2 (BS)
Centus Overlord x5 (BS)
Centus Dark Lord x2 (BS)
Centum Loyal Slaughter x3 (C)(Tracking Disruption)
Centum Loyal Hellhound x1 (C)
Centum Loyal Fiend x1 (C)
Centior Monster x2 (D)
Centior Misshape x1 (D)
Centior Horror x3 (D)
Centior Devourer x1 (D)
Centii Loyal Servant x2 (F)(Web/Scram)
Centii Loyal Scavenger x1 (F)(Web/Scram)
Centii Loyal Ravener x6 (F)(Web/Scram)

Sansha Stasis Tower x2 (Webs)
Sansha Cruise Missile Battery x1
Sansha Bunker x3 (Chance to drop some ammo on destruction)

Centii Manslayer x2 (F)
Centii Butcher x2 (F)

Part 2

Centus Mutant Lord x2 (BS)
Centus Overlord x2 (BS)
Centus Dark Lord x5 (BS)
Centus Savage Lord x1 (BS)
Centatis Specter x1 (BC)
Centatis Daemon x1 (BC)
Centior Abomination x2 (D)
Centior Monster x1 (D)
Centii Loyal Manslayer x1 (F)

Rare Spawn – True Sansha (BS)

Sansha Cruise Missile Battery x4
Sansha Stasis Tower x4

DaOpa Notes:
Initial warp in caused total pack aggro as you can see in video clip, take out Stasis Towers asap and start kiting away from the BS packs. Kill the cruisers as they come in range and get rid of the frigates whenever you can while keeping eyes on your drones health.

Sansha Fortress

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