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Type: Combat Signature Hierarchy
Security: Nullsec
Region: All
Pirate type: Rogue Drones

Enforcer Alvatis x3 (BC)
Disintegrator Alvum x2 (C)

Trigger is the acceleration gate, get about 8km away spawns next wave.
Strain Infester Alvi x3 (F)(Web/Scram)
Raider Alvi x3 (F)
Sunder Alvi x1 (F)

Exterminator Alvatis x1 (BC)
Siege Alvatis x2 (BC)
Strain Bomber Alvum x2 (C)
Strain Atomizer Alvum x1 (C)
Strain Nuker Alvum x1 (C)

Part 2

Exterminator Alvatis x4 (BC)
Siege Alvatis x2 (BC)
Strain Atomizer Alvum x1 (C)
Strain Disintegrator Alvum x3 (C)
Devastator Alvum x5 (C)
Render Alvi x2 (F)
Splinter Alvi x4 (F)
Hunter Alvi x 2 (F)
Silverfish Alvi x1 (F)

Drone Cruise Missile x4

*Video cuts off*
Trigger is the Dysfunctional Solar Harvester, get about 18km away spawns next wave.
Dismantler Alvior x3 (D)
Marauder Alvior x1 (D)
Strain Raider Alvi x2 (F)
Strain Sunder Alvi x1 (F)

Wave 2:
Siege Alvatis x3 (BC)
Exterminator Alvatis x1 (BC)
Strain Disintegrator Alvum x1 (C)
Strain Nuker Alvum x1 (C)
Strain Atomizer Alvum x1 (C)

Wave 3:
Matriarch Alvus x2 (BS)
Alvus Queen x2 (BS)
Dismantler Alvior x1 (D)
Marauder Alvior x1 (D)
Predator Alvior x1 (D)

Wave 4:
Alvus Ruler x2 (BS)
Supreme Alvus Parasite x2 (BS)

Trigger is eliminating Wave 4 BS’s
Wave 5:
Swarm Preserver Alvus x2 (BS)
Alvus Controller x2 (BS)

Sentient Patriarch Alvus (BS)(Rogue Drone Commander Spawn, dropped drone coronary, drone cerebral, drone tactical)





Salvage from the commander wreak:

DaOpa’s Notes:
Video was cut off in part two so I have missed a couple of the triggers, but they appeared to have a delay spawn wave mechanic, only the last wave produced the commander spawn wave.
Leads to Expedition “Trouble in Paradise”

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