True Power HQ


True Power HQ

Going through the debris of this once proud establishment of the Sansha Nation, you find some reports indicating it was indeed the regional headquarters for the corporation, but also that it was in the process of being moved to another location. The coordinates to this new location is among the information you have, as well as a lot of files regarding the construction of the new place, indicating a lot of new equipment and structures being pre-produced for the new HQ at three different factories in the region. The locations of these factories are however not revealed. From the long list of projects listed in connection with this new HQ, it is obvious that it will be a good deal larger than the one you have just laid to waste.

True Power HQ Rigged Structure

Type: Expedition
Security: Nullsec
Region: Catch, Esoteria, Feythabolis, Impass, Paragon Soul, Providence, Stain
Pirate type: Sansha’s Nation

Upon warp-in there are:

Sansha Miner x3 (I)
Centuns Plague Lord/Centus Beast Lord x4 (BS)
Centatis Wraith / Daemon x3 (BC)
True Sansha’s Savage Lord x1 (Factional BS) 7.125m Bounty

Loot dropped from True Sansha Battleship during this session was True Sansha Crystal Tag, True Sansha Energized Plate, Sansha Ultraviolet L, T2 Salvage included Intact Armor Plates, Interface Circuit and Nanite Compound.







Trigger unknown, delayed spawn 60 seconds
Centum Loyal Slaughterer/Centum Loyal Execrator x4 (C) (Tracking Disruption)
Centatis Spector/Centatis Phantasm x4 (BC)

Trigger unknown, delayed spawn
Wave 2:
Centii Loyal Butcher/Centii Loyal Manslayer x3 (F)

Trigger unknown, delayed spawn
Wave 3:
Centii Manslayer/ Centii Enslaver x3 (F)
Centii Loyal Slavehunter/Centii Loyal Savager x4 (F) (Tracking Disruption)

Trigger approaching the Ripped Superstructure under 100k distance?.
Wave 4:
Centus Tyrant named Isiura Taurenta x1 (BS)

DaOpa Notes:
Destroying the Factional BS triggers next escalation. Take out Tracking Disruptor types of NPCs first.

Location 2
You come across some empty crates that were to be filled with mining crystals and according to accompanying documentation, should have been sent to a production facility nearby.

Upon warp-in there are:

Centus Plague Lord x2 (BS)
Centior Horror/Centior Monster x2 (F)
Centum Loyal Beast/Centum Loyal Juggernaut x3 (C) (Tracking Disruption)
Centii Loyal Plague/Centii Loyal Manslayer x3 (F)

Sansha Sentry Gun x1
Sansha Cruiser Missile Battery x3

Trigger destroy Sansha Major Assembly Array
Centus Tyrant/Centus Dread Lord x3 (BS)
Centatis Behemoth/Centatis Phantasm x2 (BC)

Named Sansha Battlecruiser Suard Fish x1 (BC) 3.6m Bounty

Upon kill named NPC, the event displays a ending message.

Ending Message:
After blowing up the pride and joy of the Sansha in this region, their new HQ, closing this puny little place down is no more than a formality, a minor detail. It sure feels good though.

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