Ruined Sansha Crystal Quarry

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Ruined-Sansha-Crystal-QuarryRuined Sansha Crystal Quarry

Debris litters this small pocket of space; torn sheets of hardened metal and twisted cables snake up through larger hulls and structures that all tell a story of violence and deterioration. A salvaging module will be required to sift among the garbage and find items of value.

Type: Magnetometric
Equipment needed: Salvager
Security: Nullsec
Region: Catch
Pirate type: Sansha’s Nation

Upon warp-in there are:

Centus Beast Lord x4 (BS)(Tracking Distrupt)
Centus Savage Lord x2 (BS)
Centus Mutant Lord x2 (BS)
Centum Loyal Torturer x2 (BC)
Centum Loyal Hellhound x1 (BC)
Centum Loyal Fiend x1 (BC)
Centalis Wraith x1 (C)
Centatis Phantasm x1 (C)
Centatis Behemoth x1 (C)

Triggered by getting close to one of the Sansha Derelict cans.
Centatis Devil x2 (C)

Total Bounty: 6,915,000 ISK

salvageable Objects:
Sansha Wreak x1 ( T1 Salvage )
Sansha Hulk x3 ( T2 Salvage )
Sansha Derelict x3 ( T1 Salvage )

Ruined Sansha Crystal Quarry - Salvage Loot Drops







DaOpa Notes:
The Hulk ones seem to have the best drops for this go around, I hope to find another one of these to compare the salvage loot.

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