Unrated Complex Sites

Exploration Sites

unrated complex sites
Unrated complexes are hidden sites in space that much be scanned using core scanner probes. Pirate commanders and overseers are commonly found in these sites holding special DED loot and personal effects. Personal effect items can be sold to Concord for a isk reward.

LocationAngel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha's NationSerpentis CorporationRogue Drones
HighAngel HideoutBlood HideoutGurista HideoutSansha HideoutSerpentis HideoutHaunted Yard
HighAngel LookoutBlood LookoutGurista LookoutSansha LookoutSerpentis LookoutDesolate Site
HighAngel WatchBlood WatchGuristas WatchSansha WatchSerpentis WatchChemical Yard
HighAngel VigilBlood VigilGuristas VigilSansha VigilSerpentis Vigil-
LowProvisional Angel OutpostProvisional Blood OutpostProvisional Gurista OutpostProvisional Sansha OutpostProvisional Serpentis OutpostRogue Trial Yard
LowAngel OutpostBlood Raider OutpostGurista OutpostSansha OutpostSerpentis OutpostDirty Site
LowMinor Angel AnnexMinor Blood AnnexMinor Guristas AnnexMinor Sansha AnnexMinor Serpentis AnnexRuins
LowAngel AnnexBlood AnnexGuristas AnnexSansha AnnexSerpentis Annex-
NullAngel BaseBlood Raider BaseGurista BaseSansha BaseSerpentis BaseIndependence
NullAngel FortressBlood Raider FortressGurista FortressSansha FortressSerpentis FortressRadiance
NullAngel Military ComplexBlood Military ComplexGurista Military ComplexSansha Military ComplexSerpentis Military ComplexHierarchy
NullAngel Provincial HQBlood Provincial HQGurista Provincial HQSansha Provincial HQSerpentis Provincial HQ-
NullAngel Domination Fleet Staging PointDark Blood Fleet Staging PointDread Guristas Fleet Staging PointTrue Sansha Fleet Staging PointShadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point-

Where to find the different types of Unrated Complexes based on region and associated faction.

Angel Cartel
Empire: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath
Null Sec: Impass, Feythabolis, Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, Curse, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Insmother, Great Wildlands, Cache

Blood Raiders
Empire: Aridia, Genesis, Kador, Khanid, Kor-Azor, The Bleak Lands
Null Sec: Delve, Querious, Period Basis

Guristas Pirates
Empire: Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel, The Forge
Null Sec: Tenal, Branch, Venal, Deklein, Pure Blind, Geminate, Vale of the Silent, Tribute

Sansha’s Nation
Empire: Derelik, Devoid, Domain, Tash-Murkon
Null Sec: Stain, Paragon Soul, Esoteria, Catch, Providence

Empire: Essence, Everyshore, Placid, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Verge Vendor
Null Sec: Fade, Outer Ring, Cloud Ring, Syndicate, Fountain

Rogue Drones
All Empire Regions
Null Sec: Etherium Reach, The Spire, Outer Passage, Malpais, The Kalevala Expanse, Perrigen Falls, Oasa, Cobalt Edge

DaOpa’s Notes:
Many of the high sec related sites can also be found in low sec space.

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