Cartel Prisoner Retention

Combat Sites

Type: Combat
DED rating: 8/10
Security: Nullsec
Known Regions: Impass, Feythabolis, Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, Curse, Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Detorid, Insmother, Great Wildlands, Cache
Pirate type: Angel Cartel

Upon warp-in there are:

Gistior Defiler / Haunter x7 (D)
Gist Malakim x2 (BS)
Watch Officer x1 (BS)

Part 2

Gistior Defacer / Defiler / Haunter / Shatterer x16 (D)
Gistatis Legionnaire / Primus / Tribuni x6 (BC)
Gist Malakim / Throne x6 (BS)
Gist Nephilim x1 (BS)(Target Painter)
Angel Cartel Jailor x1 (BS)(Attacking aggros whole pocket, wreck contains junk)

2 x Munition Storage (contains ammo)

Guard Cantina x1 (may contain trade goods)

Part 3

Gistior Defacer / Defiler / Haunter x12 (D)
Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x4 (C)
Gistatis Legionaire / Primus / Tribuni x5 (BC)
Gist Malakim / Throne x5 (BS)
Angel Prisonwatch Commander x1 (BS)(wreck may contain ?)
Angel Sentry Gun x4 (S)

Scramble Wave Generator x1 (contains Security Cypher for Angel Prison and may contain Domination Modules)

Part 4


Group 1 (aggro on warp-in)

Gistii Ambusher / Hunter / Impaler x7 (F)
Arch Gistii Outlaw / Thug x7 (F)(Webs, Scrams)
Gistior Defiler / Haunter x16 (D)
Arch Gistum Centurion / Phalanx x6-8 (C)
Gistatis Legatus / Praefectus / Tribuni x7-9 (BC)
Angel Sentry Gun x4 (S)
Angel Stasis Tower x4 (S)(Webs)
Angel Retention Facility x1 (S)(Fires Exp Citadel Missiles) (Stasis Webifier)(Wreck often contains 21st Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects, lower probabilities of Gist B-Type modules and Machariel BPC)

Group 2

? x (Frigate) Gistii ?
Gist Malakim / War General x5-6 (BS)
Angel Prison Warden x1 (BS) (drops Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Angel’s pirates do mostly explosive damage followed by kinetic, they are weak against explosive damage.

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