Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive

Combat Sites

outgrowth rogue drone hive
Type: Combat
DED rating: 10/10
Security: Null
Known Regions: The Bleak Lands
Pirate type: Rogue Drones

Upon warp-in there are:

Part 1

Decimator/Hunter/Raider Alvi x3-5 (F)
Violator Alvum x2 (C)

Structure drops 9th Tier Overseer Personal Effects.

You can gain access to the gate by having the 9th Tier Overseer Personal Effects in your cargo hold.

Part 2

Strain Infestor Alvi x2 (F)(Webs)
Raider/Sunder Alvi x2 (F)
Viral Infector/Violator/Devastator Alvum x12 (C)
Rogue Drone S Gun x8 (S)
Drone Point Defense Battery x3 (S)
Drone Commandeered BS x1 (BS)(drops 10th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects)

Ancient Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to Part 3 when all hostiles are killed)
Surging Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to Part 4, to unlock requires the skill “Plasma Physics” trained to Level 4. It may also require a Zbikoki’s Hacker Card)

Part 3

Hunter/Silverfish Alvi x4 (F)
Bomber/Disintegrator Alvum x3 (C)
Crippler/Defeater/Enforcer Alvatis x3 (BC)
Drone Light Missile Battery x1 (S)

Industrial derelict drops 11th Tier Overseer Personal Effects.
Usurped Freight platforms drop random ammo.

Part 4

Devilfish/Silverfish Alvi x2 (F)
Viral Infector Alvum x8 (C)
Striker Alvatis x2 (BC)
Alvus Controller x4 (BS)
Swarm Preserver Alvus x1 (BS)
Swarm Parasite Worker x1 (BS)(drops at 12th tier overseer’s effects)

Part 5

Hunter/Sunder/Silverfish Alvi x4 (F)
Strain Render Alvi x1 (F)
Disintegrator Alvum x3 (C)
Crippler/Enforcer Alvatis x5 (BC)
Swarm Defense Battery x1 (S)( Drops 13th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects)

Part 6

Hunter/Raider/Sunder/Silverfish Alvi x9 (F)
Strain Infestor Alvi x2 (F)(Webs)
Crippler Alvatis x5 (BC)
Alvus Controller x2 (BS)
Drone Point Defense Battery x4 (S)
Drone Heavy Missile Battery x4 (S)
Supreme Hive Defender x1 (BS)(Drops 14th Tier Overseer Personal Effects)

Part 7

Hunter/Raider Alvi x3 (F)
Strain Splinter Alvi x3 (F)(Webs)
Bomber Alvum x5 (C)
Crippler/Defeater Alvatis x8 (BC)
Hive Defender x6 (BS)
Drone Cruise Missile Battery x3 (S)
Drone Point Defense Battery x1 (S)
Lesser Strain Mother x1 (S) (Webs to 50KM)(Drops 15th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects)

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