Crimson Hand Supply Depot

Combat Sites

crimson hand supply depot
Type: Combat
DED rating: 6/10
Security: Lowsec, Nullsec
Known Regions: Kador, Delve, Querious, Period Basis
Pirate type: Blood Raiders

Upon warp-in there are:

Gistior Defiler / Seizer x4 (D)
Corpior Devoter/Friar x2 (D)
Corelior Infantry / Sentinel x6 (D)
Crimson Squire x5 (D)
Crimson Paladin x3 (BS)
Senty Gun x3 (S)
Perimeter Senty x2 (S)

Gate Security x1 (contains Crimson Hand Level 1 Passcard which is not needed to enter Room 2 (Industrial Sector))

Acceleration Gate x1 (leads to part 2, industrial sector)

Part 2 – Industrial Sector

Crimson Squire x8 (D)
Crimson Elder x3 (BS)
Corpus Harbinger x2 (BS)(Neuts @ 25km range)
Blood Stasis Tower x2 (S)(Webs)
Sentry Gun x3 (S)
Blood Cruise Missile Battery x2 (S)

Overseer’s Cask
Crimson Hand Container x1 (contains Crimson Hand Level 2 Passcard, may contain Blood Raider Cruiser Modules)

Ancient Acceleration Gate x1 (Leads to Room 3, central processing)

Part 3 – Central Processing

Crimson Paladin x3-4 (BS)
Crimson Elder x8 (BS)
Crimson Sentinel x1 (S)(Webs)(drops Crimson Hand Level 3 Passcard and may contain Dark Blood Cruiser Modules)

Acceleration Gate x1 (leads to Part 4, supply sector)
Acceleration Gate x1 (leads to Part 5, sector command)

Part 4 – Supply Sector

Sentry Gun x14 (S)
Blood Cruise Missile Battery x9 (S)
Crimson Squire x21 (D)
Crimson Elder x5 (BS)(Corpus Harbinger) (Some may Neut @ 25km range)

Slaver Rig Control Tower x1 (Attacking draws aggro from entire pocket)(drops Crimson Hand Level 4 Passcard)
Acceleration Gate x1 (leads to part 3, central processing)

Part 5 – Sector Command

Crimson Elder x6 (BS)(Corpus Harbinger) (Some may Neut @ 25km range)
Sentry Guns x14 (S)
Blood Cruise Missile Battery x4 (S)
Crimson Lord x1 (BS)(drops 19th Tier officer personal effects and may contain Corpum A-type Modules)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for EM/Therm and do EM/Therm type damage.

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