Combat Sites

Type: Combat Signature
Security: Nullsec
Region: Catch, Syndicate
Pirate type: Rogue Drones

Pocket 1
Upon warp-in there are:

Drone Light Missile Battery x 4

Annihilator Alvum x13 (C)
Harvester Drone x3 (F)

Trigger not sure, its either delay timer, or nearing the Acceleration Gate.

Strain Decimator Alvi x1 (F)(Webs/Scrams)
Devilfish Alvi x1 (F)
Silverfish Alvi x3 (F)

Trigger killing Annihilator Alvum or delay timer?

Wave 2:
Siege Alvatis x2 (C)
Shredder Alviot x1 (F)
Shatter Alvoir x1 (F)
Marauder Alvior x1 (F)

Trigger going near Acceleration Gate at 5000m.

Wave 3:
Exterminator Alvatis x3 (C)
Strain Devilfish Alvi x2 (F)
Strain Hunter Alvi x1 (F)

Pocket 2
Upon warp-in there are:

Alvus Controller x3 (BS)
Bomber Alvum x3 (C)
Defeater Alvatis x2 (C)
Swarmer Drone x10 (F)

Trigger is killing the last BS

Alvus Queen x2 (BS)
Strain Disintegrator Alvum x2 (BC)

Trigger attacking any of the new npc spawns.
Wave 2:
Supreme Alvus Parasite x3 (BS)
Strain Hunter Alvi x2 (F)
Strain Baracude Alvi x1 (F)
Sentient Spearhead Alvus x1 (Faction BS, dropped Drone Capillary, Drone Cerebral, Drone Epidermal)

Factional Rogue Drone drops screenshot:
Sentient Spearhead Alvus - Drone Factional Loot drops




Trigger Killing the last of wave 2
Wave 3:
Alvus Ruler x1 (BS)
Supreme Alvus Parasite x3 (BS)
Strain Splinter Alvi x2
Strain INfestor Alvi x1
Strain Decimator Alvi x1 (Webs, scrams)

Trigger attacking any of the new npc spawns.
Wave 4:
Strain Sunder Alvi x2
Strain Raider Alvi x2
Dismater Alvior x2
Marauder Alvior x1

Total Bounty: 23,188,008 ISK

DaOpa Notes:
In pocket 2, upon warp-in there is 3 different sets of groups, Cruisers 1, Frigs 2, Battleships 3, you can attack each one independentaly, kill group 1 then 2 since 3 triggers the next wave.

Misc structures dont appear to drop any loot containers.

This site can escalate to expedition The Drone Roulette.

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