Drifter forces assault Amarr HQ in Safizon


Drifters attack Amarr HQ in Safizon

Amarr Navy led by 3rd Imperial Navy Fleet Grand Admiral Ren Karetta, successfully repel the drifter attack at amarr navy headquarters station in Safizon.

Video Capture of the battle:

Ren Karetta Quotes
“The Wrath of God is Immense. His Justice is Swift and Decisive. His Tolerance is Limited.” The Scriptures, Book I, The Code of Demeanor”

“The Lord loosed upon them his fierce anger. All of his fury and rage. He dispatched against them a band of Avenging Angels.”

“It is a pleasure to share victory with you all today, but maintain awareness. Keep a keen eye. The threat still looms.”

“I need to debreif with my pilots. Once again, thank you for your assistance.”

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