Drifters Faction


Apollo Tyrannos, Artemis Tyrannos NPCs that have been showing up all over New Eden are classified as a separate faction called “Drifters”.

Drifters Standings

Drifters faction currently has no standings with any other faction. Also to note the headquarters listed is 3-CE1R which is in the unreachable region of Jove. This maybe a telling sign that soon we will be able to venture to this region via some sort of star gate creation.

Testing was recently conducted on SISI to see if obtaining a negative 5.0+ standings will cause the Drifters to be always aggressive. Currently they do not change behavior based on standings, the only time they are aggressive is if you are near the Jove Observatory or the Unidentified Wormhole beacons and by directly attacking them. They are also aggressive in wormhole space, so use caution if you find them around anomalies or beacons.

Drifters Faction

Killing approximately 13 Drifter NPC’s gets you to -5.21 standings.


Drifter appear to only drop elements, which makes farming them not worth the time or risk. Element prices are extremely low at around 5 million per unit at the time of this post. Hopefully this will change once the new sovereignty mechanics come into play.

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