Circadian Seekers farming guide


How to find Circadian Seekers for the purpose of farming Antikythera Elements!

First task will be to survey nearby constellations for Jove Observatory beacons. Use the in-game notepad to drag and drop all the systems that have that celestial beacon up.


Circadian Seekers spawn at Jove Observatories, but also roam around the system at the asteroid belts, the gates, pocos, station and maybe even moons (not sure on that one).

After you make a list, go to the first system with a Jove Observatory beacon and see if the Seekers around. If they are attack and blow them all up. They are usually in 2 different waves, once you destroy the first wave the second wave should warp in. If you don’t see them there, they maybe are roaming so check around the system or another player may have already nuked them down.

Seeker Wave packs generally come in 3 to 5 npcs. Respawn timer is around 15 to 20 mins once you destroy last npc from both packs.

Note: Drifters also have a chance to spawn in any of the waves, and upon first landing on grid at the Jove Observatory. Make sure to warp out ASAP, Drifter battleships do massive amount of DPS.

If Drifters are up, mark the system on your notepad with a X and do not revisit until next DT (downtime).

Drop rate for the Antikythera Elements seems to be around one element per wave. Antikythera Element is required to make Entosis Modules.

Entosis Link Materials

Circadian Seeker Stats

 Offense Per Hit Interval Per Second Range Falloff Tracking
EM Exp Kin The EM Exp Kin The
Turrets: 154 154 5.0 sec 31 31 67,500 m 33,750 m 0.04 rad/sec
Missiles: 105 105 15.0 sec 7 7 ~84,375 m  


Defense  Hitpoints EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal
Shield: 2,073 HP 73.75 % 85 % 81.25 % 77.5 %
Armor: 5,600 HP 60 % 60 % 60 % 60 %
Structure: 2,800 HP 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 %


Orbit Range: 45,000 m
Orbit Speed: 155 m/s
Chase Speed: 1,240 m/s

Attack Range: 101,250 m
Signature Radius: 150 m
Scan Resolution: 330 mm
Attack Targets: 1
Locked Targets: 4
Sensor Strength
Gravimetric: 20 points
Ladar: 20 points
Magnetometric: 20 points
Radar: 20 points

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