Mass Drivers

Mass Drivers

Mass Drivers List

The Mass Driver is a semi-automatic, multi-shot grenade launcher useful as both a breaching tool and area denial weapon. Firing smart HIND explosive rounds, the weapon is highly effective against all forms of dropsuit and light vehicle, while its lightweight frame and compact design make it easy to wield in both urban and open terrain engagements.

Mass Driver

NameTypeMeta LevelDirect DamageSplash DamageBlast RadiusRate of FireClip SizeMax AmmoReload TimeCPUPG
Mass DriverStandard12421163606184365
EXO-5 Mass DriverAdvanced4254.1121.83.1606184517
Freedom Mass DriverPrototype8266.2127.63.36061849314
'Cyclone' EXO-5 Mass DriverAdvanced7254.1121.83.1606184517
'Avalanche' Freedom Mass DriverPrototype9266.2127.63.36061849314
'Tsunami' Mass DriverStandard32421163606184365
Breach Mass DriverStandard2338.881.22.246.26184365
EK-A2 Breach Mass DriverAdvanced5355.785.32.446.26184517
EC-3 Assault Mass DriverAdvanced5152.573.14.7758274569
Core Breach Mass DriverPrototype9372.789.32.546.261849314
Boundless Assault Mass DriverPrototype9159.776.6

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