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In Diablo 4, there are several World Bosses that players can encounter. The World Boss list includes Ashava, The Pestilent, Avarice, The Gold Cursed, and Wandering Death. Each of these bosses has a unique set of abilities that players must be aware of to defeat them. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each boss’s abilities:world boss list

Ashava Abilities:

  • Jumps and tackles the player, which can knock them down. Use evade to move anywhere but in front of Ashava.
  • Pounds the ground, then swipes behind shortly afterwards, hitting front and back. This has a pull effect and deals massive damage.
  • Vomits 3 blobs of poison on the battlefield. Stays for 20 seconds.
  • Bites 4 times consecutively, with the last bite having a bigger animation and dealing more damage.
  • Carves the ground in a 360-degree sweep, then carves again right after in a 180-degree sweep. This is a wide attack that deals massive damage.

Avarice Abilities:

  • Raises mallet, then slams the ground, causing a huge shockwave throughout the area. This is a minor threat by itself, but when there are pillars around, the shockwave causes them to explode, dealing large amounts of damage.
  • Sends a rocky shockwave through the ground in a cone. This deals massive damage and has a wide range.
  • Summons a portal that Avarice jumps into, then reappears after a few seconds charging out of a different portal randomly on the battlefield. This hits players for massive damage and can knock them down.
  • Swings mallet around him 180 degrees from the starting point. Deals moderate damage.
  • Vomits gold beneath him in a large area. Standing in the gold deals damage over time.
  • Thrusts the treasure chest forward, then swings it around in a 360 area of effect attack. This deals massive damage, but players can avoid it by standing in between the chain and the chest or standing at a great distance.
  • Pulls players in with a wind-up and deals minor damage.
  • Summons pillars that can obstruct movement and block attacks. These are often used as a setup for Mallet Slam, which triggers them to explode for massive damage.

Wandering Death Abilities:

  • Creates a crater that explodes and deals damage after 5 seconds. Can block attacks and trap players inside. Creates more craters simultaneously as health depletes. Does great damage.
  • Shoots 2 hooks underground, then raises up and retracts, pulling players in. Shoots more hooks simultaneously as health depletes. Does great amounts of damage.
  • Spawns tornadoes that ravage the battlefield. Comes in 3’s. Spawns more of them simultaneously as health depletes.
  • Channels 2 beams from hands while rotating slowly. Channels more beams simultaneously as health depletes. Does massive damage.
  • Slams the ground twice in front of him, then slams the ground behind him with both hands. This sends a wave of multiple spike lines. Uses more hands to cover more ground as health depletes. Deals massive damage.
  • Shouts and sends shockwaves radiating from the body that knocks back. Increases in distance and damage as health depletes.

Knowing each World Boss’s abilities is essential to defeat them in Diablo 4. Keep these in mind when facing them for the best chance of success.

Defeating a World Boss in Diablo 4 is an exciting challenge that rewards you with more than just the satisfaction of victory. These formidable foes drop a treasure trove of loot upon their defeat, including legendary items and equipment that will give your character a significant boost. However, one of the most coveted rewards you can get from defeating a World Boss is the Scattered Prism.

This special item is used to add sockets to certain slots of gear, providing powerful bonuses that can greatly enhance your character’s abilities. However, Scattered Prisms are not easily obtained, and can only be found by defeating these formidable World Bosses. They are a rare and valuable resource, and the only way to obtain them is by facing the most challenging enemies in the game.

With their unique abilities and devastating attacks, World Bosses are formidable foes that require skill and strategy to defeat. But for those brave enough to face them, the rewards are well worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to increase your character’s power or simply enjoy a thrilling challenge, defeating a World Boss and obtaining a Scattered Prism is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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