How to use quest spawn exploit to farm experience points

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If you are an avid gamer, then you must know that experience points (XP) are vital for character progression in role-playing games. Diablo IV is no exception. Players need to farm XP by completing quests and killing monsters to level up their characters. However, there is a quest spawn exploit that players can use to farm XP more efficiently in Diablo IV system exploit

What is Quest Spawn Exploit?

Quest spawn exploit is a technique that allows players to farm XP by exploiting the game’s quest system. If you are doing a quest that spawns many enemies, you can kill all the enemies and then reset the quest by abandoning it. You can then accept the quest again, which will then respawn the enemies. You can repeat this as many times as you want, and it works with all quests as long as you do not complete the objective requirements.

Using Quest Spawn Exploit in Diablo IV Beta

One of the best quests for farming XP during the beta is called “Ravenous Dead” from the town named Yelesna, which is south-east from the main town. This quest spawns around 9 different packs of ghouls which are pretty easy to aoe down, they have a big aggro range, so you can pull the different spawn packs together easily. Also, they drop loot, make sure to pick that up, but do not pick up the Ghoul Hearts.

To use the quest spawn exploit, follow these steps:

  1. Accept the “Ravenous Dead” quest from Yelesna town.
    Ravenous Dead - Yelesna town
  2. Kill all the ghouls that spawn and do not collect the quest loot, other drops you can get. But leave the ghoul items.
  3. Abandon the quest and accept it again.
    Olesia - Ravenous Dead Quest Location
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have farmed enough XP.

Video Clip showing going from level 0 to 25 using the Ravenous Dead quest farming route.

In conclusion, the quest spawn exploit is a useful technique that players can use to farm XP more efficiently in Diablo IV Beta. The “Ravenous Dead” quest from Yelesna town is an excellent choice for farming XP because of the many spawn packs of ghouls that it offers. However, it’s essential to use the exploit responsibly and not abuse it to spoil the gameplay experience for other players. Happy gaming!

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