Best Item Power Farming Spot for Open Beta and Early Game Launch


As a Diablo 4 player, you know that item power is crucial to your success in the game. If you’re looking for the best spot to farm item power during the open beta and early game launch, Camio’s Landing is the place to go. Located west of Nostrava in the game’s second act, this area is home to a special elite called Osgar Reede, a level 35 elite with the potential to drop valuable loot.

Why Choose Camio’s Landing?osgar reede location in camios landing

Camio’s Landing is the best item power farming spot for several reasons. First, the unique elite enemy, Osgar Reede, can drop level 35 item power items, as well as lower level gear that players can take to the blacksmith and upgrade. The loot from Osgar Reede can be a significant boost to your character’s strength and help you tackle tougher challenges in Diablo 4.

Another reason to choose Camio’s Landing is the respawn time of Osgar Reede. Unlike some other elite enemies in the game, Osgar Reede respawns every 5 to 10 minutes. This means that players can farm him repeatedly, allowing for a more efficient item power farming experience.

Maximizing Your Character in the Open Beta

If you want to max your character out as much as possible in the open beta, nothing is better than farming Osgar Reede at Camio’s Landing. By repeatedly defeating this powerful elite enemy, you can quickly acquire valuable loot and level up your character.

When farming Osgar Reede, it’s essential to remember that he has a chance to drop lower level gear in addition to level 35 item power items. Don’t overlook these higher / lower level items, as they can be taken to the blacksmith and upgraded, increasing their effectiveness and usefulness.

Important – Follow these steps in order to use higher level gear / locked items!

  1. Go to the Occultist NPC and insert the item into the Imprint Aspect
  2. Next use Aspect from Inventory and then Imprint
  3. This will turn higher level items which are locked, into your current or lower level item that is useable but keeps the stats of the higher level item.

How to Farm Osgar Reede at Camio’s Landing

To start farming Osgar Reede, head to Camio’s Landing, located west of Nostrava in the game’s second act. Look for a cave on the eastern side of the map, and inside, you’ll find Osgar Reede. The elite enemy can be challenging to defeat, but the potential rewards make it worth the effort.

In conclusion, Camio’s Landing is the best item power farming spot for Diablo 4’s open beta and early game launch. With the chance to farm Osgar Reede, a unique level 35 elite enemy that can drop valuable loot every 5 to 10 minutes, players can quickly gear up and gain an advantage in their Diablo 4 journey. So, head to Camio’s Landing now and start farming for valuable loot in Diablo 4’s open beta and early game launch.

2 thoughts on “Best Item Power Farming Spot for Open Beta and Early Game Launch

  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable tip for Diablo 4 players! It’s great to know that Camio’s Landing is the go-to spot for farming item power, especially with the unique elite enemy, Osgar Reede, dropping level 35 gear that can significantly boost a player’s character. I appreciate the detailed explanation of why this location is worth exploring for early game success.

  2. Everyone was farming this spot in the open beta, since you can upgrade your item power past the limit. Really curious to see if this will still be something to continue farming at a higher level down the line.

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